Atma of the Reaper
The crystalline agglomeration of a fiend's soul, said to be the source of its otherworldly powers.
Can be bought from an Atma Fabricant in Heroes of Abyssea areas for 20,000 cruor after having obtained the title "Thannatosian Thrasher" for defeating Thannatos.

Double Attack+: Superior (+20%)
Triple Attack+: Superior (+20%)
Critical Hit Rate+:Superior (+40%)

Hidden Effect

  • Additional Effect: Drain
    • Additional Effect: Drain will restore exactly 75% of damage dealt.
    • The HP acquired from the mob does not do any additional damage, it simply restores HP to the player (similar to Blood Weapon).
    • Like other Drain spells, Additional Effect: Drain is ineffective against Undead.
    • Additional Effect: Drain will not override Endark but will override HP gain from Sambas.
      • The effect "Additional Effect: Drain" does not appear in the chat log.
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