Basic Stats

Race: Mithra
Server: Fairy Sylph

Windurst 9-2
San d'Oria 0
Bastok 0
Zilart 17
Promathia 8-4
Aht Urghan 31
Goddess 24
Crystalline END
Kupo d'État 14
Shantotto N/A
Abyssea 4





Job Level Job Level
WAR 50 MNK 90
WHM 39 BLM 24
RDM 37 THF 50
PLD 89 DRK 20
BST 61 BRD 52
RNG 10 SAM 50
NIN 50 DRG 90
SMN 24 BLU 54
COR 11 PUP 20
DNC 50 SCH 1


Craft Level
Alchemy 45.1
Bonecraft 21.0
Clothcraft 24.9
Cooking 60.0
Goldsmithing 25.6
Leathercraft 11.2
Smithing 28.7
Woodworking 56.0
Fishing 15.1

My favorite EPIC tale. :3

On a trip to break my Destroyers on my Monk, I joined a party of three other people and went off to Gustav Tunnel. In order to save on gil, I had subbed my gimped Ninja, a mere level 25 at that point, for Tonko. While pounding on Skeletons and Crabs, we got aggroed by a notorious monster named Taxim. Now, we were hardly prepared to fight a skeleton Black Mage NM. But we started fighting it, since the only other alternative would be to die and lose exp. At about 60% HP, the NM managed to kill our Paladin with a well-placed Flare. At this point, I'm the only melee character in this party. Praying to Altana, I started blink-tanking this skeleton NM with only Utsusemi: Ichi.

-Insert explanation of Utsusemi: Ichi and Utsusemi: Ni here-

Fighting this NM and barely managing to put up Utsusemi every time it tried to cast Flare, I noticed something odd. Each swing of my fists were doing more damage than they had been doing before.

In the middle of this fight, I had broken the latent on my Destroyers.

Anyway, I managed to finish tanking this Ancient Magic-casting, HP-sucking skeleton NM with only two support classes backing me up. As a bonus, I got my best weapons outta this fight. :3

(Taxim is 78-79.)

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