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Abyssea pdf cheat sheet

Puppetmaster This character is a level 99 Puppetmaster.
Automaton This character's Automaton is named Charlie.
Drgsmall This character is a level 99 Dragoon.
Wyvern012 This character's Wyvern is named George.
Geomancer Female This character is a level 99 Geomancer.
Mnksmall This character is a level 99 Monk.
Palsmall This character is a level 99 Paladin.
SCHJOB0 This character is a level 99 Scholar.
Whmsmall This character is a level 99 White Mage.
Drksmall This character is a level 71 Dark Knight.
Job st img01 This character is a level 65 Warrior.
Rdmsmall This character is a level 53 Red Mage.
Ninsmall This character is a level 51 Ninja.
Bluemage This character is a level 50 Blue Mage.
Blmsmall This character is a level 49 Black Mage.
DNCJOBPAGE This character is a level 49 Dancer.
RunArt3 This character is a level 49 Rune Fencer.
Samsmall This character is a level 49 Samurai.
Thfsmall This character is a level 49 Thief.
Smnsmall This character is a level 30 Summoner.
Brdsmall This character is a level 30 Bard.

This character is a Hume.
This character is a Citizen of Bastok Rank 10

M5a This character's Adventuring Fellow Khuma is a level 47 Whatever I tell her to be.
Runeoftransfer This user's Runic Disc has been recorded up to floor 100 of Nyzul Isle.
Pearl Sack Icon This user is a sack holder of the linkshell Misfitz.
This user plays on the Fenrir Server.
CANADA FLAG This user plays from Canada.


Atma NameEffect
Atma of Entwined SerpentsAttack+: Minor"Double Attack"+: Major
Atma of the Crushing CudgelAccuracy+: Minor(2H weapon equipped) Weapon Skill Damage+: Minor
Atma of the AdamantineVIT+:Minor (+20)Defense+:Major (+40)
Atma of the Raised TailAttack+: MinorEnhances "Resist Paralyze" effect: Superior
Atma of the Sundering SlashAttack+: Minor(2H weapon equipped) "Regain"+: Major (3TP/tick)
Atma of the Lone WolfAttack+: Minor (+20)Trans FireAttack+: Major (+30)
Atma of the UntouchedCHR+:Minor (+20)Triple Attack: Minor (5%)
Atma of the DrifterRanged Attack+:MajorRanged Accuracy+:Major
Atma of CalamityEnhances "Resist Slow" Effect:MajorEnhances "Resist Blind" Effect:Major
Atma of the Scarlet WingElemental Magic Skill+: Major (+10)Gain full benefit of Windsday/wind weather bonuses
Atma of the Baying MoonAttack+:Major (+30)"Magic Atk. Bonus":Major (+30)
Atma of the Ebon HoofHP+:Superior (+30%)Enhances "Resist Sleep" Effect:Superior
Atma of Aquatic ArdorOccasionally absorbs physical damageOccasionally absorbs magic damage taken
Atma of GalesWind Trans WindAttack+:Major (+30)Wind Trans WindAccuracy+:Major
Atma of the Smiting BlowTP Bonus: Superior(2H weapon equipped) Weapon Skill Accuracy+: Superior
Atma of the Persistent Predator"Store TP"+: MajorOccasionally increases TP gained when taking damage (+1 TP)
Atma of StormbreathVIT+:Major (+30)Breath Damage Taken-:Major (-30%)
Atma of the Horned BeastAccuracy+: SuperiorEnhances "Resist Petrify" effect: Superior
Atma of the Sun Eater"Store TP"+: MajorConserve TP: Major
Atma of the Stout ArmSTR+:Major (+40)Attack+:Superior (+50)Ranged Attack+:Major
Atma of the Impregnable TowerHP+: Superior (30%)Magic Accuracy:MajorMagic Critical Hit Damage+:Major
Atma of the Mounted ChampionVIT+:Superior (+50)Regen:Superior (20 HP/tick)Enmity decrease when taking damage -:Minor
Atma of the Minikin MonstrosityRefresh+:Major (10 MP/tick)INT+:Superior (+50)Enmity-:Minor (-20)
Atma of the HeroSTR+:Minor (+10)Critical Hit Damage:MinorRegen:Minor (5 HP/tick)
Atma of the BanisherMP+:Minor (+5%)Dark Trans DarkAttack:MinorDark Trans DarkAccuracy:Minor
Atma of the ZenithHP+:Minor (+10%)MP+:Minor (+10%)Damage taken down:Minor
Atma of DunesEnhances Drain & Aspir :Major (+20%)"Store TP"+:Minor (+20)Enhances "Resist Slow" Effect:Major
Atma of the Razed RuinsDEX+:Superior (+50)Critical Hit Rate:Superior (+30%)Critical Hit Damage:Major (+30%)
Atma of the Ascending OneTrans Wind Resist+: Superior (+100)Haste+: Major(5%)Enhances "Snapshot" effect: Minor
Atma of the Clawed ButterflyFire Trans FireAccuracy: MajorINT+: Major (+30)Conserve TP: Major
Atma of the Plaguebringer"Regen": Minor (+10/tic)"Store TP"+: Major (+20)"Double Attack"+: Minor
Atma of the Deep DevourerSubtle Blow+: Minor (+5)Store TP+: Minor (+5)Song Casting Time-: Major (-20%)
Atma of Roaring LaughterSTR+:Major (+50)Evasion-:MajorCounter+:Major
Atma of the Tusked TerrorFast Cast: MinorWater Trans WaterAttack: Minor (+20)Water Trans WaterAccuracy: Minor
Atma of the Sea Daughter"Regain": Superior (5/tic)Slow+: Superior (~13.3%)Daytime: "Regen": Superior (30/tic)
Atma of the Voracious VioletSTR+:Superior (+50)"Double Attack"+:Major (5%)"Regain":Minor (2 TP/tick)
Atma of the Gnarled HornAGI+:Superior (+50)Critical Hit Rate+: Major (+20%)Counter+: Minor (10%)
Atma of Harmony"Cure" potency+:Minor (+10%)Enhancing Magic skill+:Major (+10)"Waltz" potency+:Minor (+10%)
Atma of the Noxious Fang"Subtle Blow"+:MajorWater Trans WaterAttack+:Major (+40)Enhances "Resist Poison" Effect:Major
Atma of the CosmosDark Trans DarkAttack+:Major (+40)Enhances "Resist Amnesia" Effect:MajorEnhances "Resist Silence" Effect:Major
Atma of the Ducal Guard(Guard) Damage Taken-:Major(HP Below 50%) Damage Taken-:Superior (HP Below 50%) Movement Speed-:Superior
Atma of the Sanguine ScytheHP+: Major(20%)Critical Hit Damage:Major (+30%)Enmity+: Minor (+20)
Atma of the Burning EffigySTR+: MinorTrans FireWeapon Skill Damage+: MajorGain full benefit of Firesday/fire weather bonuses
Atma of the Beyond"Magic Attack Bonus":Major (+30)Ice Trans IceAttack+:Major (+30)Light Trans LightAttack+:Major (+30)
Atma of Cloak and Dagger Accuracy+:MajorEvasion+:MajorEnhances "Resist Death" Effect:Minor
Atma of AllureMP+:Superior (+30%)MND+:Major (+30)Enmity-:Major (-30)
Atma of the SellswordSTR+:Minor (+20)Magic Damage Reduction:Minor (+10)Light Trans LightAttack:Minor
Atma of the Strangling WindSTR+: Minor (+20)VIT+: Minor (+20) AGI+: Major (+30)
Atma of the DespotCHR+: Superior (50)Occasionally absorbs magic damageSave TP: Major
Atma of the OmnipotentDEX+: SuperiorHaste+: Superior (10%)Enmity+: Minor
Atma of the Apocalypse"Triple Attack"+: Superior (15%)Quick Magic (10%)"Auto-Reraise (Reraise III)"
Atma of the HeavensMagic Accuracy+:MajorPhysical Damage Taken-:Minor(10%)Enhances "Resist Paralyze" Effect:Major
Atma of the Winged GloomEnhances resistance against "Death": Major(HP above 25%) Damage Taken-: Major (25%)(HP above 25%) "Slip Damage": Superior
Atma of the ImpenetrableBreath Damage Taken-:MajorEnhances "Lizard Killer" effect:MinorRegen+:Major (15HP/tick)
Atma of the Solitary OneTriple Attack+: MinorBreath Damage Taken-: MajorEnhances "Zanshin" effect: Minor
Atma of IllusionsMND+:Minor (+10)Enhances Magic Burst:MinorDepending on Day: Enhances Elemental Magic
Atma of the StormbirdWind Trans WindAccuracy+:MajorLightning Trans LightningAccuracy+: Major"Refresh":Minor (5 MP/tick)
Atma of Hell's GuardianEnhances "Zanshin" effect:Superior (+100%)"Magic Atk. Bonus":Superior (+50)Enhances "Demon Killer" Effect:Minor
Atma of the KirinAGI+:Major (+40)INT+:Major (+40)Magic Accuracy+:Major
Atma of the Brother Wolf"Magic Atk. Bonus": Minor"Magic Def. Bonus": MinorTrans Fire Resist+: Superior(100)
Atma of a Future FabulousHaste+:MinorFast Cast+:Minor"Magic Def. Bonus":Superior
Atma of CamaraderieStore TP+:MinorCure Cast Time-:MinorSong Recast Delay-:Minor (-10 sec)
Atma of the TruthseekerDEX+:Minor (+20)Trans Dark+:MajorWeapon Skill Accuracy+:Minor
Atma of the Azure SkyMP+:Minor (+5%)Magic Critical Hit Rate:Minor"Blood Pact" Ability Delay:Minor (-10 sec)
Atma of the Beast KingAttack+:MinorVIT+:Minor Enhances "Beast Killer" Effect:Minor
Atma of the Hybrid BeastDouble Attack+:MinorTriple Attack+:MinorEnhances "Arcana Killer" Effect:Minor
Atma of the UltimateMP-:Superior (-25%)"Magic Atk. Bonus":Superior Magic Accuracy+:Superior
Atma of NightmaresHaste+:Major (5%)Increases duration of Absorb spells Magic Evasion+:Minor
Atma of the EinherjarSTR+:Minor (+20)MND+:Minor (+20) Enhances "Resist Death" Effect:Superior
Atma of the Demonic SkewerStrength: MinorTP Bonus: MinorOccasionally Nullifies Physical Damage (5%)
Atma of the HarvesterSTR+:Major (+30)"Double Attack"+:Major Enhances "Resist Sleep" Effect:Major
Atma of the Merciless MatriarchMagic Accuracy+: SuperiorFast Cast: Superior(Same elemental magic as weather) Enmity-: Superior
Atma of the StrongholdAttack+:Major (+40)Defense+:Major (+40)"Regen":Major (15 HP/tick)


Acumen: Bestows the bearer with knowledge of Abyssean treasure casket locks.
Avarice: Increases the quantity of traverser stones the bearer may possess.
Celerity: Renders the bearer's traverser stone more rapidly replenished.
Confluence: Reduces the cruor cost of using veridical confluxes in Abyssea.
Cosmos: Certain items will find their way into the bearer's possession more readily.
Destiny: The bearer will experience greater fortune with golden treasure caskets in Abyssea.
Discernment: The bearer will more readily recognize the weaknesses of Abyssean fiends faced in battle.
Expertise: The bearer will be able to activate martellos more frequently.
Fortune: The bearer will come upon treasure caskets more frequently in Abyssea.
Furtherance: Attribute bonuses and other beneficial effects will gain greater potency.
Guerdon: The bearer will be granted temporary items upon receiving visitant status.
Kismet: The bearer will experience greater fortune with blue treasure caskets in Abyssea.
Lenity: Reduces the experience penalty suffered by the bearer when incapacitated by the Abyssean Hordes.
Merit: Increases in maximum HP and MP and other beneficial effects will gain greater potency.
Perspicacity: The bearer will gain experience more readily in Abyssea.
Prosperity: The bearer will experience greater fortune with red treasure caskets in Abyssea.
Sojourn: Enhances the potency of a traverser stone, allowing the bearer to abide in Abyssea for extended durations.
Reaper: Enemies in Abyssea will yield cruor in greater quantities.
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