Warrior 75
Monk 37
White Mage 37
Black Mage 40
Red Mage 37
Thief 75
Paladin 37
Dark Knight 37
Beastmaster 75
Bard 75
Ranger 37
Samurai 75
Ninja 37
Dragoon 37
Summoner 37
Blue Mage 41
Corsair 37
Puppetmaster 75
Dancer 37
Scholar 75
This user is a Tarutaru.
Ffxi flg 01l This user is a Citizen of Bastok
Rank 10
This user has completed the Rise of the Zilart Missions.
This character has completed the Chains of Promathia Missions and chose the Tamas Ring.
This user has completed Aht Urhgan Mission 25.
This user is a SL rank Mercenary of Aht Urhgan.
SupplyRunQuests2 This character has completed 17 of the 17 available Supply Runs.
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