Male This user is male.
USAFlag This user plays from the United States.

This user plays on the Asura Server.
This character is a Tarutaru.


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This user has completed 134 of the available 829 Quests
Ffxi gld 01 This user has caught 10,000 / 10,000 Moat Carp for their Lu Shang's Fishing Rod.

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Assault & Campaign Ops Checklist


Cavernous Maws, An Explorer's Footsteps, Gate Crystal, Map, & Outpost

Trust Checklist

[XEks] Abenzio
[CheckCheck] Abquhbah
[CheckCheck] Adelheid
[CheckCheck] Ajido-Marujido
[XEks] Aldo
[XEks] Amchuchu
[XEks] Arciela
[XEks] Arciela II
[XEks] Areuhat
[XEks] Ark Angel EV
[XEks] Ark Angel GK
[XEks] Ark Angel HM
[XEks] Ark Angel MR
[XEks] Ark Angel TT
[XEks] August
[CheckCheck] Ayame
[XEks] Babban
[CheckCheck] Balamor
[XEks] Brygid
[XEks] Chacharoon
[CheckCheck] Cherukiki
[CheckCheck] Cid
[CheckCheck] Curilla
[CheckCheck] D. Shantotto
[CheckCheck] Darrcuiln
[CheckCheck] Elivira
[CheckCheck] Excenmille

[XEks] Excenmille (S)
[XEks] Fablinix
[CheckCheck] Ferreous Coffin
[XEks] Gadalar
[XEks] Gessho
[CheckCheck] Gilgamesh
[CheckCheck] Halver
[XEks] Ingrid
[XEks] Ingrid II
[XEks] Iroha
[XEks] Iroha II
[CheckCheck] Iron Eater
[CheckCheck] Joachim
[XEks] Karaha-Baruha
[CheckCheck] Kayeel-Payeel
[CheckCheck] King of Hearts
[XEks] Klara
[XEks] Koru-Moru
[CheckCheck] Kukki-Chebukki
[CheckCheck] Kupipi
[XEks] Kupofried
[CheckCheck] Kuyin Hathdenna
[XEks] Lehko Habhoka
[CheckCheck] Leonoyne
[CheckCheck] Lhe Lhangavo
[CheckCheck] Lhu Mhakaracca
[XEks] Lilisette

[CheckCheck] Lilisette II
[CheckCheck] Lion
[CheckCheck] Lion II
[CheckCheck] Luzaf
[XEks] Maat
[CheckCheck] Makki-Chebukki
[CheckCheck] Margret
[CheckCheck] Maximilian
[XEks] Mayakov
[CheckCheck] Mihli Aliapoh
[XEks] Mildaurion
[XEks] Mnejing
[CheckCheck] Moogle
[XEks] Monberaux
[XEks] Morimar
[XEks] Mumor
[XEks] Mumor II
[CheckCheck] Naja Salaheem
[XEks] Najelith
[CheckCheck] Naji
[CheckCheck] Nanaa Mihgo
[XEks] Nashmeira
[CheckCheck] Nashmeira II
[CheckCheck] Noillurie
[XEks] Ovjang
[CheckCheck] Prishe
[CheckCheck] Prishe II
[CheckCheck] Qultada

[CheckCheck] Rahal
[CheckCheck] Rainemard
[CheckCheck] Robel-Akbel
[XEks] Romaa Mihgo
[XEks] Rongelouts
[XEks] Rosulatia
[XEks] Rughadjeen
[CheckCheck] Sakura
[CheckCheck] Selh'teus
[CheckCheck] Semih Lafihna
[CheckCheck] Shantotto
[CheckCheck] Shantotto II
[CheckCheck] Shikaree Z
[XEks] Star Sibyl
[CheckCheck] Tenzen
[CheckCheck] Tenzen II
[XEks] Teodor
[CheckCheck] Trion
[CheckCheck] Uka Totlihn
[XEks] Ullegore
[CheckCheck] Ulmia
[CheckCheck] Valaineral
[CheckCheck] Volker
[XEks] Ygnas
[XEks] Zazarg
[XEks] Zeid
[CheckCheck] Zeid II

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