Jessie of Caitsith. Main: Thief.
Thnikkaman of Caitsith. Main: White Mage.


  • Miracla, pack-mule, old main character. Main: White Mage. Caitsith.
  • Lesalus, pack-mule. Main: Thief. Caitsith.
  • Killingyouguy, pack-mule. Main: Warrior. Caitsith.
  • Avienda, selling mule. Main: Dragoon. Caitsith.
  • Gunhaver, Mog Bonanza mule. Main: n/a. Caitsith.
  • Ghrah, Mog Bonanza mule. Main: n/a. Caitsith.


I bought FFXI for the Playstation™ 2 somewheres around the beginning of March, 2004, right around the end of the school year. Bad idea, obviously. Good thing I wasn't fully into the game yet. Anyway, I didn't get it to work until around mid-March. I started out by trying all five races in all three areas and I found that I liked Hume and Bastok. Problem was, I really didn't like how the male Humes looked, so I made Miracla. As time went by, I got bored of her and created Thnikkaman about half a year after that. Got in the Linkshell "Malice" created by Silwyth and occupied by the greatest people in the game. I spent a good most of my time helping the newcomers that arrived through the Linkshell and soon became its official power leveler, teleporter, and know-it-all. Eventually, Malice died and things only went downhill from there.

To skip a long, boring story, I ended up hating Quetzalcoatl so much that I was ready to quit. That is until a friend of mine offered me a World Pass to Caitsith. There, I wanted to make a melee character, and in past experiences, Mithra made the best melee. I've always been fond of the name "Jessie", so that's what I called her. She's changed her job so many times it's stupid already. At this point, I'm really looking into making her a Thief.

The very second they added world migration, I finally brought Thnikkaman to Caitsith. After some two years of waiting, he's finally on the better of two servers. In an eventual update, I finally got him to 63, and Jessie's now 65 THF. Dancer and Scholar recently came out, so now I'm going to probably level SCH as Thnikk and DNC as Jessie. She's also now got her RNG to 37 and her BLU to 43. Yay me! ^^

Notable Dates

  • Bought FFXI around March 2004.
  • Played FFXI for the first time mid-March that same year.
  • Created Thnikkaman about September 2004.
  • Quit Quetzalcoatl for Caitsith around January/February 2006.
  • Jessie created February 2006.
  • Thnikkaman and Junefly moved to Caitsith July'ish 2007 (whenever that update let people move characters cross-server)
  • Jessie, Thnikkaman, Junefly, Miracla, Lesalus, Dangeresque, and Killingyouguy moved to the Odin server, December 7th 2007.
  • Jessie renamed Solaire, Junefly renamed Avienda, and Dangeresque renamed Gunhaver.
  • Solaire, Thnikkaman, Avienda, Miracla, Lesalus, Gunhaver, and Killingyouguy moved back to Caitsith, March 4th 2008.
  • Solaire renamed Jessie, Gunhaver renamed Dangeresque.

Why I'm Part of FFXIclopedia:

  • I'm a spelling/grammar kind of guy, so I like to fix any mistakes I see. If I see something I know that's 100% incorrect, I'll change. If there's any kind of guide I see that could use improvement (job/race combinations being a big one), I'll change them. I want to help people learn how to play this game.
  • Recently, I have begun making a series of my own guides. The "How-To" line of guides so far under jobs Scholar, Dancer, Warrior, Monk, and White Mage. These guides are intended for fast, easy-access information on any aspect of a job they want to level. It's mostly intended to help beginners learn, but can add insight to other possibilities for others to level their jobs. It's also a mode of pitching ideas I have for jobs, such as Ninja using Shurikens for pulling, dealing damage, or even holding hate for tanking. Or for Paladin, I want to see if Monk could work as a viable tanking support job. I could see it working.