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This user plays on the Midgardsormr Server.
This character is a Mithra.
This character is a Citizen of San d'Oria Rank 10
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M6a This character's Adventuring Fellow Raka is a level 40 Attacker.
This user enjoys Raising Chocobos.
Treasa's Jobs
Palsmall This character is a level 75 Paladin.
Smnsmall This character is a level 75 Summoner.
Summons This character has obtained 8 of the 11 Avatars.
Whmsmall This character is a level 56 White Mage.
Blmsmall This character is a level 55 Black Mage.
Job st img01 This character is a level 41 Warrior.
Rdmsmall This character is a level 30 Red Mage.
Thfsmall This character is a level 26 Thief.
Brdsmall This character is a level 23 Bard.
Mnksmall This character is a level 21 Monk.
Ninsmall This character is a level 20 Ninja.
Drgsmall This character is a level 19 Dragoon.
Wyvern012 This character's Wyvern is named Muffin (FEAR the MUFFIN!).
DNCJOBPAGE This character is a level 15 Dancer.
Samsmall This character is a level 10 Samurai.


While Sorakirei is my POL handle and usual forum handle Treasa is my main character on Midgardsormr.


  • Curse The Yagudo: Main linkshell, mostly social and contains skilled and helpful people.
  • MidgardsormrLJ (shell): This linkshell was originally created for social events organized via the Livejournal community. It eventually became the linkshell used for a weekly static.
  • EternalSunshine (shell): currently collecting dust in storage
  • Shikigami Weapon: Summoner centric linkshell

Level Grind


Treasa is focused on leveling up these jobs

All other jobs will be leveled as needed or for fun.


Treasa is very proud to be part of the following EXP statics


Artifact Armor

Treasa acquired the following sets

Relic Armor

Working on the following

  • Paladin: 5/6 (missing CoP Cape)
  • Summoner: 4/5 (CURSE YOU BASTOK!)

I'm cursed when it comes to Bastok. SMN hands rain when I'm not there and don't show up when I'm present.

Wish Lists

There is certain gear in this game that is just too good to pass up but trying to get it is quite difficult if you don't know the right people.


Maat Fight

My level 69 Paladin faced off against Maat on Saturday, June 9th, 2007.

Prepared Items
Gear Worn
Battle Summary

I forgot to use the Blink Band. I also didn't end up using Sentinal, Rampart, Shield Bash or Holy. Looking back I realize I made a number of mistakes. Two of my Swift Blades did not hit. I have no idea why the first one, after using all those sleeping potions, didn't work. Though the other missed one was during Maat's Invincible which I totally didn't see in the log. Goes to show you how focused I was on everything else.

Battle Stats
  • Damage delt to Maat: 2008
  • Damage taken: 2800
  • Healing: 2094
  • WS used: 6
  • WS that hit: 4
  • Maat's WS: Shoulder Tackle (LUCKY me!!)
  • Time: 9 minutes 25 seconds
Used Items and Spells
  • 7 x Eye Drops
  • 8 x Hi-Potion
  • 2 x Hi-Potion +2
  • 3 x Cure IV
  • 5 x Sleeping Potion
  • 2 x Yagudo Drink
  • 1 x Persikos au Lait
  • 1 x Icarus Wing
  • 1 x Carbonara

Photos can be found in my Maat Battle Flickr gallery. I also took the above and turned it into a guide for other Paladins to follow. Check it out at the Shattering Stars Paladin Guide page.



  • HP: 2/4 (3+4=7)
  • MP: 2/4 (3+4=7)
  • VIT: 0/2 (3+6=9)
  • MND: 0/2 (3+6=9)
  • Sword: 1/3 (2+3=5)
  • Staff: 0/3 (1+2+3=6)
  • Shield: 0/2 (1+2=3)
  • Divine Magic Skill: 0/2 (1+2=3)
  • Healing Magic Skill: 0/2 (1+2=3)
  • Enhancing Magic Skill: 0/2 (1+2=3)
  • Enfeebling Magic Skill: 0/2 (1+2=3)
  • Elemental Magic Skill: 0/2 (1+2=3)
  • Dark Magic Skill: 0/2 (1+2=3)
  • Summoning magic Skill: 0/2 (1+2=3)
  • Critical Hit Rate: 1/2 (2)
  • Enemy Critical Hit Rate: 0/3 (1+2+3=6)
  • Spell Interruption Rate: 1/3 (2+3=5)


Group 1
  • Shield Bash Recast: 2/3 (3)
  • Sentinel Recast: 2/3 (3)
Group 2
  • Fealty: 1/1
  • Chivalry: 1/2 (4)
  • Guardian: 0/1 (3)


Group 1
  • Avatar Physical Accuracy: 0/4 (1+2+3+3=9)
  • Avatar Magical Accuracy: 0/4 (1+2+3+3=9)
  • Elemental MP Cost: 0/2 (1+2=3)
Group 2
  • Meteor Strike: 0/2 (3+4=7)

My Wedding

On Friday, May 30, 2008 Scion proposed to Treasa. This was a very exciting moment that added to our friendship and made both of us super happy. A few pictures from that evening can be seen here.

While the Wedding Guide has lots of good information, I plan to document my experience as best as possible.

The Players

  • Chaperone: Cydori, F Hume
  • Bride: Treasa, Mithra, Paladin
  • Groom: Scion, Hume, Paladin
  • Weapon of choice for both: Sword

Official selections

  • Wedding gear: Wedding dress with Spouse Name engraving for the rings.
  • Location selected: Count Caffaule's Manor
  • Wedding type: San d'Oria

Additional details will be posted as I get them.


Treasa has a decent sized storage family

Name Home Base About the name
Riskysafety San d'Oria Named after an Anime Series
Hoplow Windurst Named after the littlest mushroom from Disney's Fantasia
Utenah Bastok Named after the main character of the Anime Series, Revolutionary Girl Utena. Renamed to Utenah during the forced merger with Quetzalcoatl.
Brisby Jeuno Named after Mrs. Brisby of N.I.M.H fame
Eightyfour San d'Oria Named after 84 Lumber, for she is my woodworking supplies mule

Chocobo Raising

The addition of Chocobo Raising was super exciting. Having the option of calling a chocobo from just about anywhere to safely ride through aggro areas still is one of the greatest things in the game. While I'm not the best Chocobo breeder, I'm doing what I can to get a RED one, and learning proper raising techniques as I go.

The June 2007 update finally provided Chocobo breeders with somethings we've needed for a LOOOOOOOONG time! First is an option to skip the cut scenes, wonderful for those of us who occasionally neglect our birds or were away. Second is an option to provide more than one piece of feed at a time.

FYI Lost Chick is the name of the lost chocobo quest that I always forget and take forever to look up.

Gallant Hope

GH was my first chocobo. She was born a few months after Chocobo Raising was added to the game. While I tried to treat her well eventually neglect set in thus I had to sit through 30+ minutes of chocobo update cutscenes one afternoon. /sigh At least I finally had a chocobo to call in the wild. She was slow, but did her job well of keeping me safe in scary areas.

  • Stats
    • Sex: Female
    • Color: Yellow
    • Other stats: Nothing of note, I was too new to raising

Transient Hope

TH was attempt number 2. TH is the daughter of Winter Storm Red Male (Owner: Cydori) and Gallant Hope. This little girl knew Bore from birth which was awesome because she's give me lots of things when we went for walks. TH was retired on 06-June-07, day 81 or so since her stats show now sign of improvement. While First Class strength was not obtained, TH is much faster than her mother.

  • Stats
    • Sex: Female
    • Color: Yellow
    • Strength: Outstanding
    • Endurance: Better than average
    • Ability: Bore
    • Feed: Mix of Az... Greens and Vomp Carrots

Scarlet Hope

Scarlet Hope is the daughter of Winter Storm Red Male (Owner: Cydori) and ? Red Female (Owner: Nimbex). This egg was traded to a trainer around 1:50am Thursday, June 21st. Scarlet was retired on day 65.

  • Stats
    • Sex: Female
    • Color: Red
    • Strength: First-class
    • Endurance: Impressive
    • Receptivity: Poor
    • Decernment: Poor
    • Ability: Treasure Finder
    • Ability: Gallop (ZOMG learned on 2nd telling of the story!)
    • Feed: Azouph Greens, Vomp Carrots


Pankration the Pokemonesque edition to FFXI


  • Stats
    • Original Soul Plate: Dahak w/ Demon Killer
    • Starting Level: 9
    • Additional:
      • Attack +15% (Ul'phuabo)

Lessons Learned

As one spends time in Vana'diel, you can learn quite a number of things of use and maybe not so much. Here are a few things I have learned in my travels.

  • Status of a BCNM orb: Every wonder if that orb in your inventory is cracked or still good? Trade it to Shami in Port Jeuno. If it's cracked he'll take it. If it's still good he'll remind you where you can use it. (Tested: 11-27-05)
  • Blazing Peppers: Used in the quest Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. These babies can be purchased at the AH, but if you want to save some gil head up to (E-5) of Pashhow Marshlands. Trade your sickle to a ??? and you may harvest up some Blazing Peppers.

Special Acknowledgments

My occasional quests for furnishings and other special items require the services of skilled crafters. I would like to thank anyone who has ever made anything for me. The following is no where near a full list, but it's a start.

  • Xyjah: Red Hobby Bo, a new chocobo rocking horse furnishing.
  • Heimdall: Palmer's Bangles, Gilfinder enchantement
  • Eadwyn: For my first aquarium.
  • Genjuro, Dilvias, and Izzitda: For their alchemical skills that contributed to the aquariums
  • Semitry: For the majority of my aquariums.
Many thanks to the Shikigami Weapon linkshell for helping me to finally get a Yinyang Robe of my own on 03-03-08.
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