I'm a 75th level Beastmaster (and occasionally a 68th level White Mage) on the Fairy Server. I was once a 60th level Black Mage and a 41st level Bard, but I gave those up when I realized I was gimp. My original intent with Beastmaster was to get a full set of RSE, but I never really stopped (I still need an Magna Jerkin now that I think about it...).

My primary contribution is to the Beastmaster Solo Leveling Guide, which is obsolete now. Go here instead.

My Signature

I've been using this for my signature for most FFXI-related forums. I think it's terribly witty.

Being a ninja means never having to say "I'm sorry for all the property damage I've caused." Unfortunately, I'm not a ninja, so I'm terribly sorry about what my pet did to your lawn.

The first sentence is a reference to animes like Naruto or Dragon Ball Z where people fight each other with wanton disregard to the surroundings. The second sentence alludes to my "main" FFXI job, Beastmaster. I really should get those funguars trained.

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