Making a COR equip guide, based off the establish RNG guide on the RNG page. Kudos to Derableska and all the people that contributed to his page.

Guns COR gun's are pretty straight forward, as are the bullets they use:


First gun COR can use, unfortunately it's very difficult to come across due to the nature of Treasure Caskets.


Huzzah, a much more easily obtainable gun for COR during the early levels!



Pirate Gun

HQ gives you a nice dollop of Ranged Accuracy+5 as well as higher base damage the the previous two guns.


First COR "Signature" weapon, all the COR guns give a nice boost to racc, HQ's even more so. It's primarily the reason you get one. If you don't have any issues with missing (you lucky person you) then you might want to go for;

Some added damage from the ratk +7.


Again, improved base damage, and racc. Some people think of the HQ are an improvement over the AF. Pretty much up to you, HQ hexagun's are pretty pricey.

Trump Gun

Ahh, first piece of AF. Nice enough damage for the level, racc, and AGI+2. Always a bonus.

Seadog gun -1

You're losing 3 DMG for +10 ratk. Guess it's your call. NQ isn't worth looking at.

Shark Gun

Your's for just 16,000 Imperial Standing (providing you've been a good little mercenary and achieved Corporal rank). This pretty much lasts you until lv72, so it's worthwhile. If you're unable to acquire it, then;


Nice damage, nice WS/QD mods, but not much else. Nice to tide you over if you can't get the Shark Gun.

Another Hexagun. No points for guessing what it's stats might involve.


Actually a decent weapon, if you're fortunate enough to have the earring that goes with it. I think it's fair to say this could swing it's weight around with all the other end game guns COR aim to get. Pun intended. Kaida: Best Gun for Leaden Salute when paired with the earring

Silver Cassandra

Highest DPS gun (especially the HQ) aside from Mythic, but the base damage isn't all that hot.


Most people stop off here before they're able to get the next gun. TP Bonus means you get 200% TP at 100%, 300% at 200%, and no benefits at 300%. Should help make those Slug Shots land. If you plan to get most of your TP through melee (like me) then this gun is easily the best purely for WS.


This is the gun most COR's shoot for (again, pun intended). Providing you've unlocked the latent, it'll serve you well for DMG and racc.

72 - Peacemaker

For damage... no, and before you ask, the AGI+5 does not make up for the lose of DMG for Quick Draw. Only real reason to have this is for quicker pulls, and perhaps the AGI for Leaden Salute, seeing as the DMG from the gun and bullets don't do Jack for the WS' damage. Will suck for DoT. EDIT: The cat suggested adding that this is a good weapon when you're in Level Sync. >.>


Another gun with a singular use. Highest base damage of any COR gun in the game (including the mythic), so you'll hit harder for bother ratk and Quick Draw. Hell, you're lv75 by this point, you decide if it's worth the money.

COR mythic. Enough said, I feel.

And the bullets

Bronze Bullet

Yeah.... you could use these to pull with, save yourself some cash, but for damage they're pretty bad.

Tin Bullet

Woot, more bullets for early COR's! Which I had these options when I was leveling the job...


Here we go, these bullets actually MATTER.

Paktong bullet

These are damn nice! Welcome change over having no other option from 22-50.

Iron Bullet

No longer the only bullets after the lv22 that COR can actually use. Still, these will be more readily available than paktong.


Nice big lump of racc for us COR's that love it so. Problem is, they're a good 13 DMG less than;

Steel bullet

The best bullets you can get. Don't pull with them... y'know, unless you want to become a tank for a very brief period of time.

And the rest... any spaces I've left blank is basically so you can fill with whatever you're like, because I've not found anything worthwhile at the time.

Main Head Neck Body Hands Legs Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 1 Bronze Sword
Cassie Earring
Lv 7 Xiphos Feather Collar +1

Wing Pendant

Bounding Boots

Leaping Boots

Lv 10 Royal Footman's Bandana Royal Footman's Tunic
Lv 12 Linen Cuffs +1 Traveler's Mantle
Lv 14 Mighty Ring

Vision Ring] Courage Ring Balance Ring

Lv 15 Njord's Mask

Kingdom Bandana

Njord's Jerkin

Kingdom Tunic

Njord's Gloves Njord's Trousers
Lv 16 Bone Ring/+1
Lv 18 Brave Belt

Acrobat's Belt Samsonian Belt

Lv 20 Royal Footman's Clogs
Lv 21 Spike Necklace Garrison Hose Beetle Ring/+1
Lv 24 Empress Hairpin

Emperor Hairpin

Nomad's Mantle/+1
Lv 25 Freyr's Gloves
Lv 27 Custom M Gloves

Custom F Gloves Wonder Mitts

Lv 28 Archer's Knife
Lv 29 Savage Gaiters

Wonder Clomps

Bowyer Ring
Lv 30 Noct Beret/+1 Noct Doublet/+1 Noct Gloves/+1

Aiming Gloves

Noct Brais/+1 Noct Gaiters/+1 Mercenary Captain's Belt

Gun Belt

Genin Earring

Beater's Earring

Rajas Ring<3
Lv 31 Buccaneer's Scimitar
Lv 33 Peacock Charm
Lv 35 Freya's Gloves Drone Earring Horn Ring/+1
Lv 38 Chiroptera Dagger
Lv 39 Dobson Bandanna
Lv 40 Jagd Gorget Iron Musketeer's Gambison Crossbowman's Ring

Marksman's Ring Sniper's Ring/+1

Lv 41 Voyager Sallet
Lv 43 Iron Musketeer's Gambison +2
Lv 45 Vanguard Belt Carapace Ring/+1
Lv 47 Moldavite Earring
Lv 50 Mercurial Kris Shikaree Aketon Thunderer's Mantle Royal Knight's Belt

Swift Belt

Vision Earring Jalzahn's Ring

Garrulous Ring

Lv 51 Fire Staff Horizon Ring
Lv 52 Corsair's Culottes
Lv 54 Corsair's Gants
Lv 55 Akinji Khud/+1 Akinji Peti/+1 Akinji Bazubands/+1 Akinji Salvars/+1 Akinji Nails/+1 Waetoto's EarringT Scorpion Ring/+1
Lv 56 Corsair's Bottes
Lv 58 Corsair's Frac
Lv 59 Spectacles
Lv 60 Corsair's Tricorne Bull Necklace

Crocodile Collar

Deadeye Gloves Bullseye Cape Precise Belt Fox Earring
Lv 61 Trailer's Kukri Amemet Mantle/+1
Lv 62 Creek F Mitts

Creek M Mitts

Marine M Boots

Marine F Boots Wood F Ledelsens Wood M Ledelsens

Lv 63
Lv 65 Phantom Fleuret
Lv 67 Marid Ring/+1
Lv 68 Cobra Cap Cobra Unit Harness Cobra Mittens Cobra Subligar Cobra Leggings
Lv 69 Sniper's Collar Psilos Mantle Supremacy Earring With matching gun.
Lv 70 Joyeuse Optical Hat

War Beret/+1

Uggalepih Pendant War Brais/+1 War Boots/+1 Jaeger Mantle

Gunner's Mantle

Commodore Belt Fenrir's Earring

Stellar Earring

Behemoth Ring/+1
Lv 71 Paddock Trousers

Nimue's Tights Commodore Culottes

Corsair's Belt

Venturer's Belt

Lv 72 Pahluwan Qalansuwa

Enkidu's Cap

Pahluwan Khazagand

Enkidu's Harness

Pahluwan Dastanas

Enkidu's Mittens Dusk Gloves Commodore Gants

Pahluwan Seraweels

Dusk Trousers +1 Enkidu's Subligar

Pahluwan Crackows

Dusk Ledelsens Enkidu's Leggings

Marid Mantle/+1 Crapaud Earring


Lv 73 Faith Torque

Caract Choker

Crimson Scale Mail Crimson Finger Gauntlets

Barbarossa's Moufles

Commodore Bottes
Lv 74 Corsair's Tricorne +1 Qiqirn Collar Corsair's Frac +1

Commodore Frac

Corsair's Gants +1 Corsair's Culottes +1 Corsair's Bottes +1
Lv 75 Skadi's Visor

Commodore Tricorne Commodore Tricorne +1 Denali Bonnet Anwig Salade

Denali Jacket

Skadi's Cuirie Commodore Frac +1 Mirke Wardecors

Skadi's Bazubands

Commodore Gants +1

Denali Kecks

Barbarossa's Zerehs Skadi's Chausses Commodore Culottes +1

Skadi's Jambeaux

Commodore Bottes +1

Buccaneer's Belt Beta Earring

Novio Earring

Bellona's Ring

Cerberus Ring/+1

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