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About Sarcheena


Sarcheena has a history of pissing people off and taking offense to things that usually aren't meant to cause it. There's nothing genuinely mean about her, she simply tends to be honest, blunt, and prideful.


Her known history begins 6 years ago.

Sarcheena began making a reputation if not a name for herself through petty theft in Bastok's Mines district. However, it wasn't until she began returning things others had stolen that she began to fall into the adventuring mindset. As she came into increasing conflict between the varied street gangs, she took to practicing with and carrying larger and heavier weapons, if for nothing else than intimidation.

She came upon an injured wyvern during the Starlight Celebration of 2008. Thinking it was a heavily injured and plucked bird, vulture maybe, she took it in and nursed it back to health as best as she could. Given that it had an almost-steady supply of food and that a flying, growling beast makes an excellent distraction, the two have been nearly inseparable since. However, as it is a wyvern, it would likely be best if she sought out those who know more about taking care of and training such creatures.

Lately, Sarcheena has been spotted several times hand-delivering small parcels to a young hume. The point of avoiding the delivery service is currently unknown.



San d'Oria





Aht Urhgan

The Crystal War

Bastok (S) San d'Oria (S) Windurst (S)


I'll probably switch to the Template:All Missions Checklist when/if I finish with Bastok and start somewhere else.

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