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Well, since i'm back, i figured i'd give my guide to making good images an update.
Oh, and Amaner is the awesomest person I've ever met on Asura.

~/tank2 specs

  • number of images: 9221
  • Largest Image: 27433b BlackCotehardie.png: PNG image data, 366 x 136, 8-bit/color RGB, non-interlaced
  • Smallest image: 6104b Ruby.png: PNG image data, 366 x 56, 8-bit/color RGB, non-interlaced
  • Total Filesize: 119838885b

Mission Objectives

  • To Introduce New Images, in PNG format, of Item description Boxes.
  • To ensure the continuance of current existing PNG-format item descriptions.
  • To replace, where necessary, JPEG-format item description boxes with PNG.
  • Following Culmination of the above, to seek images that need replacement, and replace them.
  • To propagate knowledge of the PNG image format.


Ever wondered how JP players get all those weird faces? they don't type those in manually. They're called Kaomoji (顔文字, litterally, "Face Characters"). The generation of these is an augmented function of Windows IME, and generally requires a Kaomoji Dictionary (unless you want to program your own, by hand, which is a pain in the ass.) You can get a Kaomoji dictionary straight from Square Enix. You'll need the Japanese Version of Playonline Viewer, and a system setup to use IME. I will not explain how to get/activate either of these. Further, since I am not a translator, and unwilling to directly link to any files on the playonline website, you'll have to follow Japanese instructions. If you can't follow them, I might be inclined to ask why the hell you're using IME in the first place. the Kaomoji Jisho can be obtained through the download section of the Playonline Japanese Main Site, here. There are other sources for this, most of which distribute in the lha archive format, which is not readable by default in windows, EXCEPT in the Japanese version. to install, you'll need to follow the simple step-by-step instructions given here.

Currently Working On

and no, i'm NOT bluffing this time.

unnamed section

The following things Irritate the living hell out of me, and people should cease and desist using/doing all of them:

  • Changing filenames of images where NOT necessitated by file format or the image policy
  • ALL CAPS file extensions.
  • JPEG used for non-photographic images
  • converting JPEG images to PNG
  • GIF images used for anything OTHER than animation (and animation is borderline. once mng is adopted, it'll be completely unacceptable)
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Linux Binary Distros in General
  • GeekSquad
  • Windower AND ffxi official windowed mode
  • DOSisms and Microsoftisms*

The following types of people should not exist:

  • People unaware of PNG optimization utilities
  • People who, without any consideration for the subject material, whore a particular file format
  • People who are unaware that changing a file format is NOT as simple as changing its filename/extension
  • probably you, if you can't understand half the stuff from things that irritate me

* eg, calling a / character a "forward slash", or referring to same character in URLs as a Backslash, or even USING backslashes when typing in URLs. ALLCAPSFILENAMES.TXT, and again, allcapsfileextensions.TXT. Making the asinine assumption that everyone runs windows (or macOS, for the only slightly more enlightened cavedwellers).

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