"Overgryph" is a the wiki handle chosen by the user who plays the character "Pwnsalot" on SquareEnix's "Lakshmi" sever.

Pwnsalot is currently rank 10 in San d'Oria and Windurst, but interested in completing the Bastok storyline as well. Edit: Rank 10 Bastok received.

Pwnsalot enjoys playing Beastmaster, but is often seen on other highly-requested end-game jobs such as Black Mage, Monk and Bard. Edit: enjoys Rune Fencer and Samurai too!

Pwnsalot has all jobs leveled to at least level 50, and intends to raise them to level 66+ to complete the Maat fight on every job and obtain the title "Ultimate Champion of the World" and receive the "Maat's Cap" trophy item, even though there is better head-gear on the game. Edit: Maat's Cap received.

Pwnsalot is also working on obtaining relic currency in the new Dynamis battle system, although a weapon of choice is currently not decided.

Help Pwnsalot decide which relic weapon to build first!

Vote by adding a number beside each weapon:

Mandau: 0

Guttler: 1

Bravura: 0

Gjallarhorn: 0

Spharai: 0

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