Job: Crazy Tarutaru Thief
Family: Linkshellboss by Accident
Weak to: New Areas Exploringcharm and ??? Pointpushing

World Level Drops Special Abilitys Notes
Diabolos THF75, WHM75, ...
and there may be more...
  • Danger
  • Tank you
  • Help
  • Mugidos Collar
A, L, S, H, HP, M, R, T, LPSC
A = Aggressive; L = Links; S = Detects by Sight; H = Detects by Sound; HP = Detects Low HP;
M = Detects Magic; R = Detects Resting; T = True-sight; LPSC = Detects by Linkshell-, Party and Saychat


  • Worked Yagudo Passwords:
    • Windsday:1.Mjuu 2.Mong 3. Deggi
    • Windsday:1.Mjuu 2.Haqa 3. Deggi
    • Iceday:1.Haqa 2.Mong 3. Duzu
    • Earthsday:1.Puqu 2.Deggi 3.Mong; 1.Ouzi 2.Buxu 3.Puqu
    • Darksday:1.Duzu 2.Buxu 3.Ouzi
    • Firesday:1.Mong 2.Ouzi 3.Xicu


Captype Job Level Exp AN Rank
Barspells WHM 14-25 10 13 Bronze Ribbon of Service

Brass Ribbon of Service

Healing+AoE Wards SMN/WHM 33 123~438 102~365 Holyknight Emblem
Fortification THF/WAR 75 ~1065 ~610 Holyknight Emblem
Fortification+Battle 120 min WHM/DNC 75 ~2860 ~1430 Mythril Wings of Service

Historical Background

Nomido is the scientific name for the Nomido the Maniac. He is a Leader of the Linkshell family and for centuries the addiction to explore new areas has been noted by the people.
Folklore said when Nomido is raised from the ground, he drops a Thank you.

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