Nahara Eri'Clea
Hometown Tavnazian Marquisate
Date of Birth 30th of March
Age 24
Height 6 ft, 9in
Jobs Adventurer
Weapons Staves, Clubs, Great Axes
Abilities White Magic,
Great Axe Training
Limit Break Transcendent Strike
"I'm not a big fan of all this jumping between dimensions. Sooner or later, there's going to be too many mes running around."
—Nahara, before being transported to Abyssea

Nahara Eri'Clea is a player character of Final Fantasy XI. He is an Elvaan male from the Tavnazian Safehold, the sanctuary for the people of the Tavnazian Marquisate after it was destroyed. He is also the last surviving member of the mysterious House Eri'Clea.

Appearance and Personality

Nahara is short for an Elvaan, but just as fit from years of living in the safety of the Tavnazian Safehold. His slightly tanned complexion is marred in several places with scars, the most notable scar being a diagonal cut underneath his left eye. His hair is a very deep color of blue, indistinguishable from black except at the ends, and his eyes are also a bright royal blue, both traits common to his family line. His outfit tends to change with unpredictable frequency, so he's not known for any one outfit he wears; he prefers not to wear any kind of head armor, frequently stating that they impede his vision, regardless of what kind of armor it is.

Despite the poise and regal that tends to come with most Elvaan, Nahara is quite rough around the edges, not above being crass with those who he feels require it. He's also the first to throw a fist if the situation calls for it, and that happens more often than not when a situation threatens someone close to him. Nahara can be violently protective of his friends and loved ones, always willing to throw himself into a fray to protect someone. He does have a caring side, though, always looking to put others and their needs before his own, and keeping a positive and supportive attitude for the people around him, regardless of his own condition.


House Eri'Clea

While not a house of nobles, House Eri'Clea had been a part of the Tavnazian Marquisate from it's creation, all the way to it's tragic fall during the Crystal War.

Throughout its history, the Eri'Clea family had been the self-proclaimed vanguards of their beloved city; its members, scholars and soldiers alike, had a presence in almost every area of the local militia. The family itself was noted for giving rise to a number of highly talented Red Mages, each one seemingly stronger than the last. Eri'Clea Red Mages were capable of empowering weapons and armor alike with a myriad assortment of magic, and some able to switch said enchantments at a moment's notice in the heat of battle.

A popular rumor that circulated within the barracks of the Tavnazian Knights said that the founder of House Ericlea was a mage without equal, and able to enchant the very world around them with his magics. In spite of the support the Scholarly magic of weather manipulation might have given to that rumor, Eri'Clea members would often laugh off such notions as utter nonsense.

House Eri'Clea died in service to Tavnazia during the Beastmen assault on the city, nearly every member slain during the battle itself or obliterated by the Beastmen weapon that turned the once peninsula into an archipelago. The young Nahara and one unidentified Eri'Clea where the only survivors, the latter dieing of mortal wounds a few days after the attack.




Spitewarden Nahara

Residing within Vana'diel's alternate timeline where the Crystal War never ended, another Nahara exists. Shadowreign Nahara exists as evil version of the original, having witnessed the atrocities of the Beastmen campaign first hand and being driven insane by it. Like so many others, Nahara (S) accepted the dark powers of the Celestial Avatar Odin and became one of Lady Lilith's Spitewardens. Nahara (S) holds a seething hatred for the origial, claiming that his timeline had to suffer the consequences of endless war so that the true Nahara's timeline could exist in peace, and that he joined Lady Lilith for the chance to exact his revenge on his original.

Both the original and Nahara (S) met on the field of battle in Nahara's attempt to prevent his history from changing; Nahara (S) was nearly destroyed in that battle, only surviving by escaping through a portal back to the Shadowreign timeline before the original could vanquish his dark counterpart.


Yet another version of Nahara exists within Vana'diel's mirror universe, Abyssea. Nahara (A) is exactly like the original, but unlike everyone else who stood against Promathia, he survived. Unaware that the Abyssea version of Prishe had survived as well, Nahara (A) slipped into a deep depression, blaming himself and his seemingly lack of strength as the reason his friends died and the world fell to ruin. Nahara (A) eventually retreated back to the long-destroyed mansion of House Eri'Clea, living within the intact basement levels.

Nahara (A) was beaten out of his stupor by his world's version of Prishe and rallied with his Vana'diel counterpart, and the counterparts of the friends he'd lost in the fight against Shinryu.


While Eorzea and Vana'diel are not parallel universes or timelines, Nahara briefly encountered a version of himself from Eorzea while waiting for a ferry. Nahara (E) appeared to have very little in common with his Vana'diel counterpart, aside from their looks and the fact that Nahara (E) was an experienced Marauder, a user of the Great Axe in Erozea. However, the brief window between dimensions closed before Nahara could find out more about his latest other self.

Abilities and Equipment

Relations with Others

Adrian Monjula

A Samurai from the Federation of Windurst with a rather questionable past. He and Nahara tend to work very well together when put on assignments, but the actual reason why no one really seems to know. Regardless of the uncertainties, Nahara and Adrian form a strong pair, tested and strengthened through their numerous assignments and bouts of attempting to save the world.


A White Mage from the Kingdom of San d'Oria. As both he and Misheru are adept White Mages, oftentimes they are compared to each other in terms of their strengths; Nahara tends to be confused by this practice, as while Misheru is also adept at other forms of magic, Nahara likes to focus on his physical strength. He also considered Misheru the magically stronger of the two, as shown when he had a slight panic when presented with the idea of pitting the two of them in a fight as White Mages.


The unseen leader of "The Pack". In spite of never meeting him, Nahara holds his mysterious leader in high regard, and wants to one day actually see him, hopefully on good terms.

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