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This user plays on the Siren Server.
This user is a Tarutaru.
USAFlag This user plays from the United States.
Calendar This user has been playing FFXI since 2003.01.29.


Rdmsmall This user is a level 72 Red Mage.
Whmsmall This user is a level 40 White Mage.
Blmsmall This user is a level 40 Black Mage.
Drksmall This user is a level 37 Dark Knight.
DNCJOBPAGE This user is a level 37 Dancer.
SCHJOB0 This user is a level 30 Scholar.
Ninsmall This user is a level 28 Ninja.
Job st img01 This user is a level 18 Warrior.
Mnksmall This user is a level 16 Monk.


This user has completed 40 of the 89 available Windurst Quests
This user has completed 7 of the available 93 Bastok Quests
This user has completed 10 of the available 80 San d'Oria Quests
This user has completed 33 of the available 125 Jeuno Quests
This user has completed 6 of the available 49 Outlands Quests
This user has completed 3 of the available 69 Aht Urhgan Quests
This user has completed 1 of the available 72 Crystal War Quests
This user has completed 3 of the available 101 Other Quests


Zonemap This user has collected 132 of the 88 available maps.
SupplyRunQuests2 This user has completed 17 of the 17 available Supply Runs.
Runic Portal This user has access to 6 of the 6 available Runic Portals.
Cavernous Maw This user has access to 9 of the 9 available Cavernous Maws.


National Rank

WindurstMissions Windurst Rank 6
SandyMissions San d'Oria -
BastokMissions Bastok -


ZilartMissionsRise of the Zilart ZM18
Suppa nomimi
CoPMissionsChains of Promathia PM1-2
Rajas Ring
AhtUrganFlagMissionsTreasures of Aht Urghan ToAU 3
Ulthalam's Ring
WotGFlagMissionsWings of the Goddess 2
AcpmissionA Crystalline Prophecy 1
CoPMissionsApocalypse Nigh 1
Magnetic Earring
AssaultQuestsAssault Private First Class


Dynamiswindurst Dynamis - Windurst X

Dynamissandoria Dynamis - San d'Oria X

Dynamisbastok Dynamis - Bastok X

Dynamisjeuno Dynamis - Jeuno X

Dynamisbeaucedine Dynamis - Beaucedine X

Dynamisxarcabard Dynamis - Xarcabard X

Dynamisbeaucedine Dynamis - Valkurm X

Dynamisbeaucedine Dynamis - Buburimu X

Dynamisbeaucedine Dynamis - Qufim X

Dynamisbeaucedine Dynamis - Tavnazia X


Ffxi gld 01 Fishing 0
Ffxi gld 08 Woodworking 39
Ffxi gld 04 Smithing 25
Ffxi gld 05 Goldsmithing 30
Ffxi gld 03 Clothcraft 39
Ffxi gld 07 Leathercraft 0
Ffxi gld 02 Bonecraft 0
Ffxi gld 09 Alchemy 36
Ffxi gld 06 Cooking 11



Merit Point Plan

MP 0/8 30
STR 0/3 18
MND 0/2 9
Combat Skill
Sword Skill 0/8 21
Dagger Skill 0/8 21
Evasion Skill 0/4 9
Magic Skill
Blue Magic Skill 0/8 21
Enfeebling Magic Skill 0/8 21
Critical Hit Rate 0/4 10
Spell Interruption Rate 0/4 10
Blue Mage LV Cost
Chain Affinity Recast 0/5 15
Physical Potency 0/5 15
Enchainment 0/5 22
Assimilation 0/5 22
Red Mage LV Cost
Convert Recast 0/5 15
Ice Magic Accuracy 0/3 6
Wind Magic Accuracy 0/2 3
Slow II 0/5 22
Paralyze II 0/3 12
Bio III 0/1 3
White Mage LV Cost
Divine Seal Recast 0/5 15
Cure Cast Time 0/5 15
Devotion 0/4 17
Martyr 0/1 3
Protectra V 0/3 12
Shellra V 0/2 7


Home Points




Tavnazian Archipelago


  • Al'Taieu
    • Home Point #1. H-4
    • Home Point #2. E-6
    • Home Point #3. L-6

The Valdeaunia Front


  • Uleguerand Range
    • Home Point #1. H-7 (Entrance/Exit From Bearclaw Pinnacle. path starting at H-8 blocked by ice sheet during Ice icon and Ice iconIce icon weather)
    • Home Point #2. J-9 (Entrance/Exit from Bearclaw Pinnacle. Drop through hole at J-9)
    • Home Point #3. K-7 (Entrance/Exit from Bearclaw Pinnacle. Drop Through hole at K-6)
    • Home Point #4. H-5 (Entrance/Exit from Bearclaw Pinnacle. Drop through hole at I-5)
    • Home Point #5. G-9 (Entrance/Exit from Bearclaw Pinnacle. fall down mountain on the Southern slope taking path marked in white on wiki map)


HNM & Notable Battle Experience

Behemoth King Behemoth Fafnir
Nidhogg Adamantoise Aspidochelone

Tiamat Vrtra Jormungand
Ouryu v2 Bahamut v2

Cerberus Hydra Khimaira

Jailer of Fortitude Jailer of Hope Jailer of Justice
Jailer of Temperance Jailer of Faith Jailer of Love
Ix'aern (MNK) Ix'aern (DRK) Ix'aern (DRG)

Genbu Suzaku Byakko
Seiryu Kirin

Early Bird Catches the Wyrm Horns of War

Blue Mage Spells

Level Spell
1 Sandspin
1 Pollen
1 Foot Kick
4 Power Attack
4 Sprout Smack
4 Wild Oats
8 Metallic Body
8 Cocoon
8 Queasyshroom
12 Battle Dance
12 Head Butt
12 Feather Storm
16 Helldive
16 Healing Breeze
16 Sheep Song
18 Bludgeon
18 Cursed Sphere
18 Blastbomb
20 Blood Drain
20 Claw Cyclone
22 Poison Breath
24 Soporific
26 Screwdriver
28 Bomb Toss
30 Grand Slam
30 Wild Carrot
32 Sound Blast
Level Spell
32 Chaotic Eye
34 Death Ray
34 Smite of Rage
36 Digest
36 Pinecone Bomb
38 Blank Gaze
38 Jet Stream
38 Uppercut
40 Mysterious Light
40 Terror Touch
42 Venom Shell
42 MP Drainkiss
44 Blitzstrahl
44 Stinking Gas
44 Mandibular Bite
46 Magnetite Cloud
46 Geist Wall
46 Awful Eye
48 Refueling
48 Blood Saber
48 Sickle Slash
48 Jettatura
50 Ice Break
50 Self-Destruct
50 Frightful Roar
52 Cold Wave
Level Spell
52 Filamented Hold
54 Hecatomb Wave
54 Radiant Breath
56 Feather Barrier
58 Magic Fruit
58 Flying Hip Press
58 Light of Penance
60 Death Scissors
60 Dimensional Death
60 Spiral Spin
61 Maelstrom
61 Eyes On Me
60 Seedspray
61 Bad Breath
62 Memento Mori
62 Body Slam
62 1000 Needles
63 Spinal Cleave
63 Frenetic Rip
63 Frypan
63 Hydro Shot
64 Feather Tickle
64 Yawn
64 Voracious Trunk
65 Infrasonics
65 Zephyr Mantle
Level Spell
66 Frost Breath
66 Sandspray
60 Corrosive Ooze
67 Diamondhide
67 Enervation
68 Warm-Up
68 Firespit
69 Tail Slap
69 Hysteric Barrage
60 Regurgitation
70 Amplification
70 Cannonball
60 Asuran Claws
71 Lowing
71 Heat Breath
72 Disseverment
72 Saline Coat
73 Mind Blast
73 Ram Charge
73 Temporal Shift
74 Actinic Burst
74 Magic Hammer
74 Reactor Cool
75 Exuviation
75 Plasma Charge
75 Vertical Cleave


In a Pickle A Pose by Any Other Name Acting in Good Faith
Say It with Flowers Hat in Hand A Feather in One's Cap
Making Headlines Scooped! Glyph Hanger
Early Bird Catches the Bookworm Chasing Tales A Smudge on One's Record
Food for Thought Overnight Delivery Water Way to Go
Blue Ribbon Blues Toraimarai Turmoil Teacher's Pet
Reap What You Sow Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Making the Grade
A Crisis in the Making Hoist the Jelly, Roger Wondering Minstrel
Heaven Cent The Postman Always K.O.s Twice To Bee or Not to Bee?
Curses, Foiled Again! Curses, Foiled...Again!? Curses, Foiled A-Golem!?
Mandragora-Mad Star Struck Blast from the Past
Nothing Matters Something Fishy To Catch a Falling Star
All at Sea Truth, Justice, and the Onion Way! Know One's Onions
Inspector's Gadget! Onion Rings Crying Over Onions
Wild Card The Promise Making Amends
Making Amens! Wonder Wands Catch It If You Can!
Creepy Crawlies Paying Lip Service The Amazin' Scorpio
Twinstone Bonding Chocobilious In a Stew
Mihgo's Amigo Rock Racketeer The All-New C-2000
A Greeting Cardian Legendary Plan B The All-New C-3000
Can Cardians Cry? The Fanged One Flower Child
The Three Magi Recollections The Root of the Problem
The Tenshodo Showdown As Thick as Thieves Hitting the Marquisate
Sin Hunting Fire and Brimstone Unbridled Passion
I Can Hear a Rainbow The Puppet Master Class Reunion
Carbuncle Debacle The Moonlit Path From Saplings Grow
Orastery Woes Blood and Glory Tuning In
Tuning Out One Good Deed? Eco-Warrior (Windurst)
Escort For Hire (Windurst) A Discerning Eye (Windurst) Waking Dreams
Lure of the Wildcat (Windurst) Babban Ny Mheillea Trust: Windurst
The Siren's Tear Beauty and the Galka Welcome to Bastok
Guest of Hauteur The Quadav's Curse Out of One's Shell
Hearts of Mythril The Eleventh's Hour Shady Business
A Foreman's Best Friend Breaking Stones The Cold Light of Day
Gourmet The Elvaan Goldsmith A Flash in the Pan
Smoke on the Mountain Stamp Hunt Forever to Hold
Till Death Do Us Part Fallen Comrades Rivals
Mom, the Adventurer? The Signpost Marks the Spot Past Perfect
Stardust Mean Machine Cid's Secret
The Usual Blade of Darkness Father Figure
The Return of the Adventurer Drachenfall Vengeful Wrath
Beadeaux Smog The Curse Collector Fear of Flying
The Wisdom of Elders Groceries The Bare Bones
Minesweeper The Darksmith Buckets of Gold
The Stars of Ifrit Love and Ice Brygid the Stylist
The Gustaberg Tour Bite the Dust Blade of Death
Silence of the Rams Altana's Sorrow A Lady's Heart
Ghosts of the Past The First Meeting True Strength
The Doorman The Talekeeper's Truth The Talekeeper's Gift
Dark Legacy Dark Puppet Blade of Evil
Ayame and Kaede A Test of True Love Lovers in the Dusk
Wish Upon a Star Eco-Warrior (Bastok) The Weight of Your Limits
Shoot First, Ask Questions Later Inheritance The Walls of Your Mind
Escort for Hire (Bastok) A Discerning Eye (Bastok) Faded Promises
Brygid the Stylist Returns Out of the Depths A Question of Faith
Return to the Depths Teak Me to the Stars Hyper Active
The Naming Game All by Myself Chips
Bait and Switch Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok) Achieving True Power
Too Many Chefs A Proper Burial Fully Mental Alchemist
Synergistic Pursuits The Wondrous Whatchamacallit Synergistic Support
Trust: Bastok Trial Size Trial by Earth Trial by Earth
A Sentry's Peril Waters of the Cheval Rosel the Armorer
The Pickpocket Father and Son The Seamstress
The Dismayed Customer The Trader in the Forest The Sweetest Things
The Vicasque's Sermon A Squire's Test Grave Concerns
The Brugaire Consortium Lizard Skins Flyers for Regine
Gates to Paradise A Squire's Test II To Cure a Cough
Tiger's Teeth Undying Flames A Purchase of Arms
A Knight's Test The Medicine Woman Black Tiger Skins
Growing Flowers The General's Secret The Rumor
Her Majesty's Garden Introduction To Teamwork Intermediate Teamwork
Advanced Teamwork Grimy Signposts A Job for the Consortium
Trouble at the Sluice The Merchant's Bidding Unexpected Treasure
Blackmail The Setting Sun Distant Loyalties
The Rivalry The Competition Starting a Flame
Fear of the Dark Warding Vampires Sleepless Nights
Lufet's Lake Salt Healing the Land Sorcery of the North
The Crimson Trial Enveloped in Darkness Peace for the Spirit
Messenger from Beyond Prelude of Black and White Pieuje's Decision
Sharpening the Sword A Boy's Dream Under Oath
The Holy Crest A Craftsman's Work Chasing Quotas
Knight Stalker Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria) Methods Create Madness
Souls in Shadow A Taste For Meat Exit the Gambler
Old Wounds Escort for Hire (San d'Oria) A Discerning Eye (San d'Oria)
A Timely Visit Fit for a Prince Over the Hills and Far Away
Signed in Blood Tea with a Tonberry? Spice Gals
Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria) Atelloune's Lament Thick Shells
Forest for the Trees Trust: San d'Oria Trial Size Trial by Ice
Trial by Ice
Crest of Davoi Save My Sister A Clock Most Delicate
Save the Clock Tower Chocobo's Wounds Save My Son
A Candlelight Vigil The Wonder Magic Set The Kind Cardian
Your Crystal Ball Collect Tarut Cards All in the Cards
The Old Monument A Minstrel in Despair Rubbish Day
Never to Return Community Service Cook's Pride
Tenshodo Membership The Lost Cardian Path of the Beastmaster
Path of the Bard The Clockmaster Candle-making
Child's Play Northward The Antique Collector
Deal with Tenshodo The Gobbiebag Part I The Gobbiebag Part II
The Gobbiebag Part III The Gobbiebag Part IV The Gobbiebag Part V
The Gobbiebag Part VI The Gobbiebag Part VII The Gobbiebag Part VIII
The Gobbiebag Part IX The Gobbiebag Part X Mysteries of Beadeaux I
Mysteries of Beadeaux II Fistful of Fury The Goblin Tailor
Pretty Little Things Borghertz's Warring Hands Borghertz's Striking Hands
Borghertz's Healing Hands Borghertz's Sorcerous Hands Borghertz's Vermillion Hands
Borghertz's Sneaky Hands Borghertz's Stalwart Hands Borghertz's Shadowy Hands
Borghertz's Wild Hands Borghertz's Harmonious Hands Borghertz's Chasing Hands
Borghertz's Loyal Hands Borghertz's Lurking Hands Borghertz's Dragon Hands
Borghertz's Calling Hands Axe the Competition Wings of Gold
Scattered into Shadow A New Dawn Painful Memory
The Requiem The Circle of Time Searching for the Right Words
Beat Around the Bushin A Reputation in Ruins Ducal Hospitality
Hook, Line, and Sinker In the Mood for Love A Chocobo's Tale
Empty Memories Unlisted Qualities Girl in the Looking Glass
Mirror, Mirror Past Reflections Blighted Gloom
Blessed Radiance Mirror Images Chameleon Capers
Regaining Trust Storms of Fate Mixed Signals
Shadows of the Departed Apocalypse Nigh Lure of the Wildcat (Jeuno)
The Road to Aht Urhgan Chocobo on the Loose! Lakeside Minuet
The Unfinished Waltz The Road to Divadom Comeback Queen
A Furious Finale The Miraculous Dale Clash of the Comrades
Unlocking a Myth (Warrior) Unlocking a Myth (Monk) Unlocking a Myth (White Mage)
Unlocking a Myth (Black Mage) Unlocking a Myth (Red Mage) Unlocking a Myth (Thief)
Unlocking a Myth (Paladin) Unlocking a Myth (Dark Knight) Unlocking a Myth (Beastmaster)
Unlocking a Myth (Bard) Unlocking a Myth (Ranger) Unlocking a Myth (Samurai)
Unlocking a Myth (Ninja) Unlocking a Myth (Dragoon) Unlocking a Myth (Summoner)
Unlocking a Myth (Blue Mage) Unlocking a Myth (Corsair) Unlocking a Myth (Puppetmaster)
Unlocking a Myth (Dancer) Unlocking a Myth (Scholar) In Defiant Challenge
Atop the Highest Mountains Whence Blows the Wind Riding on the Clouds
Shattering Stars Beyond the Sun New Worlds Await
Expanding Horizons Beyond the Stars Dormant Powers Dislodged
Prelude to Puissance Beyond Infinity A Trial in Tandem
A Trial in Tandem, Redux Yet Another Trial in Tandem A Quaternary Trial in Tandem
A Trial in Tandem Revisited Martial Mastery VW Op. #115: Valkurm Duster
VW Op. #118: Buburimu Squall Researchers from the West Middle Lands Investigation
Further Founts Beam Me Up... No, Not There! Now Recording...
Teleports by Twilight Shifty Shades of Prey To Kill Mocking Birds
The Firebloom Tree Greetings to the Guardian A Question of Taste
Everyone's Grudging You Call That A Knife? Missionary Man
Gullible's Travels Even More Gullible's Travels Personal Hygiene
The Opo-opo and I Cloak and Dagger A Discerning Eye (Kazham)
Trial Size Trial by Fire Trial by Fire Forge Your Destiny
Black Market Mama Mia Stop Your Whining
Everyone's Grudge Secret of the Damp Scroll The Sahagin's Stash
It's Not Your Vault Like a Shining Subligar Like Shining Leggings
The Sacred Katana Yomi Okuri A Thief in Norg!?
20 in Pirate Years I'll Take the Big Box True Will
The Potential Within Bugi Soden An Undying Pledge
Trial Size Trial by Water Trial by Water Wrath of the Opo-opos
Wandering Souls Soul Searching Divine Might
Open Sesame Don't Forget the Antidote The Missing Piece
The Kuftal Tour The Immortal Lu Shang Chasing Dreams
The Search for Goldmane Trial Size Trial by Wind Trial by Wind
Voidwatch Ops: Border Crossing VW Op. #054: Elshimo List VW Op. #101: Detour to Zepwell
VW Op. #115: Li'Telor Variant Skyward Ho, Voidwatcher! Indomitable Spirit
Thanks for All the Fish Fish Favors the Bold
Keeping Notes Arts and Crafts Olduum
Got It All Get the Picture An Empty Vessel
Luck of the Draw No Strings Attached Finding Faults
Give Peace a Chance The Art of War A Taste of Honey
Such Sweet Sorrow Fear of the Dark II Cook-a-roon?
The Die Is Cast Two Horn the Savage Totoroon's Treasure Hunt
What Friends Are For Rock Bottom Beginnings
Omens Transformations Equipped for All Occasions
Navigating the Unfriendly Seas Against All Odds The Wayward Automaton
Operation Teatime Puppetmaster Blues Moment of Truth
Three Men and a Closet Five Seconds of Fame The Beast Within
Breaking the Bonds of Fate Saga of the Skyserpent Ode to the Serpents
When the Bow Breaks Fist of the People Soothing Waters
Embers of His Past The Prankster Delivering the Goods
Vanishing Act Striking a Balance Not Meant to Be
Led Astray Rat Race The Prince and the Hopper
VW Op. #050: Aht Urhgan Assault VW Op. #068: Subterranean Skirmish An Imperial Heist
Duties, Tasks, and Deeds Forging a New Myth Coming Full Circle
Waking the Colossus Divine Interference The Rider Cometh
Unwavering Resolve A Stygian Pact Promotion: Private First Class
Promotion: Superior Private Promotion: Lance Corporal Promotion: Corporal
Promotion: Sergeant Promotion: Sergeant Major Promotion: Chief Sergeant
Promotion: Second Lieutenant Promotion: First Lieutenant Promotion: Captain
Scouting the Ashu Talif Royal Painter Escort Targeting the Captain
Lost in Translocation Message on the Wind The Weekly Adventurer
Healing Herbs Redeeming Rocks The Dawn of Delectability
A Little Knowledge The Fighting Fourth Snake on the Plains
Steamed Rams Seeing Spots The Flipside of Things
Better Part of Valor Fires of Discontent Hammering Hearts
Gifts of the Griffon Claws of the Griffon The Tigress Stirs
The Tigress Strikes Light in the Darkness Burden of Suspicion
Evil at the Inlet The Fumbling Friar Requiem for the Departed
Boy and the Beast Wrath of the Griffon The Lost Book
Knot Quite There A Manifest Problem Beans Ahoy!
Beast from the East On Sabbatical Downward Helix
Seeing Blood-red Storm on the Horizon Fire in the Hole
Perils of the Griffon In a Haze of Glory When One Man Is Not Enough
A Feast for Gnats Say It with a Handbag Quelling The Storm
Honor Under Fire The Price of Valor Bonds That Never Die
The Long March North The Forbidden Path A Jeweler's Lament
Beneath the Mask What Price Loyalty Songbirds in a Snowstorm
Blood of Heroes Sins of the Mothers Howl from the Heavens
Succor to the Sidhe The Young and the Threadless Son and Father
The Truth Lies Hid Bonds of Mythril Chasing Shadows
Face of the Future Manifest Destiny At Journey's End
Her Memories: Homecoming Queen Her Memories: Old Bean Her Memories: The Faux Pas
Her Memories: Grave Resolve Her Memories: Operation Cupid Her Memories: Carnelian Footfalls
Her Memories: Azure Footfalls Her Memories: Verdure Footfalls Her Memories: Of Malign Maladies
Champion of the Dawn The Dawn Also Rises A Forbidden Reunion
Guardian of the Void Drafted by the Duchy Battle on a New Front
VW Op. #126: Qufim Incursion A Cait Calls The Truth Is Out There
Re-Drafted by the Duchy A New Menace No Rest for the Weary
A World in Flux Between a Rock and Rift A Farewell to Felines
Third Tour of Duchy Glimmer of Hope Brace for the Unknown
Provenance Crystal Guardian Endings and Beginnings
Ad Infinitum
Rycharde the Chef Way of the Cook Unending Chase
His Name is Valgeir Expertise The Clue
The Basics Orlando's Antiques The Sand Charm
A Potter's Preference Fisherman's Heart Trial Size Trial by Lightning
Trial by Lightning Donate to Recycling Under the Sea
Only the Best An Explorer's Footsteps Cargo
The Gift The Real Gift The Rescue
Elder Memories The Old Lady Test My Mettle
Inside the Belly It's Raining Mannequins Recycling Rods
Picture Perfect Waking the Beast Survival of the Wisest
Monstrosity Kupofried's H2H Moogle Magic Kupofried's Dagger Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Sword Moogle Magic Kupofried's Great Sword Moogle Magic Kupofried's Axe Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Great Axe Moogle Magic Kupofried's Scythe Moogle Magic Kupofried's Polearm Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Katana Moogle Magic Kupofried's Great Katana Moogle Magic Kupofried's Club Moogle Magic
Kupofried's Staff Moogle Magic Kupofried's Archery Moogle Magic Kupofried's Marksmanship Moogle Magic
A Hard Day's Knight X Marks the Spot A Bitter Past
The Call of the Sea Paradise, Salvation, and Maps Go! Go! Gobmuffin!
The Big One (Quest) Fly High Unforgiven
Secrets of Ovens Lost Petals for Parelbriaux Elderly Pursuits
In the Name of Science Behind the Smile Knocking on Forbidden Doors
Confessions of a Bellmaker In Search of the Truth Uninvited Guests
Tango With a Tracker Requiem of Sin VW Op. #026: Tavnazian Terrors
VW Op. #004: Bibiki Bombardment Bombs Away! Mithran Delicacies
Missionary Moblin For the Birds Better the Demon You Know
Give a Moogle a Break The Moogle's Picnic! Moogles in the Wild
An Understanding Overlord? An Affable Adamantking? A Moral Manifest?
A Generous General? Records of Eminence Unity Concord
Full Fields Green Groves Mining Missive
Pond Probing Coastal Chaos Seed Sowing
Flotsam Finding Courtesy Crustacean Trinket for the Tyrant
Hypnotic Hospitality Titillating Tomes Release the Fleece
Feeding Frenzy Cry Not, Caretaker Chacharoon's Cheer
Trial of the Chacharoon Doctor Chacharoon Rowing Together
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