Male This user is male.
CANADA FLAG This user plays from Canada.
PCimage2 This user plays mostly on a personal computer.
This user plays on the Lakshmi Server.
This user is a Hume.
This user is a Citizen of San d'Oria
Rank 7
Rdmsmall This user is a level 75 Red Mage.
Bstsmall This user is a level 61 Beastmaster.
Merit2 This user has earned a total of 12 Merit Points.
Summons This user has obtained 7 of the 13 Avatars.
Wyvern012 This character's Wyvern is named Wirbelwind.
Automaton This character's Automaton is named Serenade.
This user is a level 51 Chef.
This user is a level 31 Boneworker.
This user enjoys Mining.
Darkempty This user enjoys Promyvion.
AssaultQuests This user enjoys Assault.
Besiege 02 This user valiantly protects the Astral Candescence by playing Besieged.
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