About Me

I am Memimi and I am a Tarutaru. My current favorite job is Paladin. I LOVE crafting and plan to write a bunch of crafting guides. I have tried every job and I have unlocked them all. For now my main goal is getting some better BLM gear and to continue to duo stuff with my boyfriend Vaashe. My long term goal is to get all of the AF in the game. I'm still pretty far off. For those of you wanting to get in contact with me for questions on my cooking guide or anything else... my MSN is and my Skype username is Memitaru.

Items I Want

There are a few items I'm currently working towards. I'll probably BCNM most of the ones I need or quest, depending on the one.

I'm gonna make this myself... one day.

Saving up for one now... shouldn't be too much longer~

Currently Farming

Nothing. Because Vaashe says farming is for homeless people.



Job Related


Completed Wiki Projects

In Progress Wiki Projects

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