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Abyssea - Konschtat Abyssea - La Theine Abyssea - Tahrongi
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Abyssea - Attohwa Abyssea - Misareaux Abyssea - Vunkerl
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Abyssea - Altepa Abyssea - Grauberg Abyssea - Uleguerand

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Coalition Assignments

Coalition Assignments

Rank Couriers' Coalition Pioneers' Coalition Mummers' Coalition Inventors' Coalition Peacekeepers' Coalition Scouts' Coalition
Petitioner CheckCheck.gif Support: Ceizak Battlegrounds CheckCheck.gif Procure: Ceizak Battlegrounds CheckCheck.gif Recover: Ceizak Battlegrounds CheckCheck.gif Gather: Rala Waterways CheckCheck.gif Preserve: Ceizak Battlegrounds CheckCheck.gif Survey: Ceizak Battlegrounds
CheckCheck.gif Clear: Ceizak Battlegrounds CheckCheck.gif Research: Rala Waterways CheckCheck.gif Gather: Ceizak Battlegrounds CheckCheck.gif Preserve: Yahse Hunting Grounds
CheckCheck.gif Gather: Yahse Hunting Grounds
Probationer XEks.gif Provide: Foret de Hennetiel CheckCheck.gif Clear: Foret de Hennetiel XEks.gif Research: Ceizak Battlegrounds XEks.gif Gather: Sih Gates XEks.gif Patrol: Rala Waterways XEks.gif Survey: Sih Gates
XEks.gif Provide: Morimar Basalt Fields CheckCheck.gif Clear: Morimar Basalt Fields CheckCheck.gif Boost: Foret de Hennetiel CheckCheck.gif Gather: Moh Gates XEks.gif Patrol: Sih Gates
XEks.gif Patrol: Moh Gates
Disciple CheckCheck.gif Support: Foret de Hennetiel XEks.gif Procure: Foret de Hennetiel CheckCheck.gif Recover: Foret de Hennetiel CheckCheck.gif Gather: Foret de Hennetiel CheckCheck.gif Preserve: Foret de Hennetiel CheckCheck.gif Survey: Foret de Hennetiel
CheckCheck.gif Support: Morimar Basalt Fields XEks.gif Procure: Morimar Basalt Fields XEks.gif Recover: Morimar Basalt Fields CheckCheck.gif Gather: Morimar Basalt Fields XEks.gif Preserve: Morimar Basalt Fields CheckCheck.gif Survey: Morimar Basalt Fields
Contributor CheckCheck.gif Deliver: Foret de Hennetiel CheckCheck.gif Procure: Cirdas Caverns XEks.gif Research: Foret de Hennetiel CheckCheck.gif Gather: Cirdas Caverns CheckCheck.gif Preserve: Cirdas Caverns CheckCheck.gif Survey: Cirdas Caverns
CheckCheck.gif Deliver: Morimar Basalt Fields CheckCheck.gif Clear: Cirdas Caverns XEks.gif Research: Morimar Basalt Fields CheckCheck.gif Analyze: Foret de Hennetiel
CheckCheck.gif Analyze: Morimar Basalt Fields
Partner XEks.gif Provide: Marjami Ravine XEks.gif Procure: Marjami Ravine CheckCheck.gif Recover: Marjami Ravine XEks.gif Gather: Dho Gates XEks.gif Patrol: Cirdas Caverns XEks.gif Survey: Dho Gates
XEks.gif Provide: Yorcia Weald CheckCheck.gif Clear: Marjami Ravine CheckCheck.gif Boost: Marjami Ravine CheckCheck.gif Gather: Marjami Ravine CheckCheck.gif Patrol: Dho Gates CheckCheck.gif Analyze: Cirdas Caverns
Advisor CheckCheck.gif Support: Marjami Ravine XEks.gif Procure: Yorcia Weald XEks.gif Recover: Yorcia Weald CheckCheck.gif Gather: Yorcia Weald XEks.gif Preserve: Marjami Ravine CheckCheck.gif Survey: Marjami Ravine
CheckCheck.gif Support: Yorcia Weald XEks.gif Clear: Yorcia Weald CheckCheck.gif Research: Marjami Ravine XEks.gif Preserve: Yorcia Weald CheckCheck.gif Survey: Yorcia Weald
CheckCheck.gif Deliver: Marjami Ravine
CheckCheck.gif Deliver: Yorcia Weald
Magnate CheckCheck.gif Support: Kamihr Drifts XEks.gif Procure: Kamihr Drifts XEks.gif Research: Yorcia Weald XEks.gif Gather: Woh Gates XEks.gif Preserve: Kamihr Drifts XEks.gif Survey: Kamihr Drifts
XEks.gif Provide: Kamihr Drifts XEks.gif Clear: Kamihr Drifts XEks.gif Boost: Kamihr Drifts XEks.gif Gather: Kamihr Drifts XEks.gif Patrol: Woh Gates XEks.gif Analyze: Marjami Ravine
XEks.gif Deliver: Kamihr Drifts XEks.gif Analyze: Yorcia Weald