This user plays on the Cerberus Server.
Male This user is male.
PCimage2 This user plays mostly on a personal computer.
Calendar This user has been playing FFXI since December 2007.
This user is a Mithra.
Puppetmaster This user is a level 99 Puppetmaster.
Geomancer Female This user is a level 99 Geomancer.
Bluemage This user is a level 99 Blue Mage.
RunArt3 This user is a level 99 Rune Fencer.
This user is a level 69 Carpenter.
This user is a Citizen of Windurst
Rank 10
This user has completed the Chains of Promathia Missions and chose the Rajas Ring .
AssaultQuests This user enjoys Assault.
Besiege 02 This user valiantly protects the Astral Candescence by playing Besieged.
Title This user's favorite Title is "Master of Ambition."
Item This user never leaves the Mog House without his/her Atheling Mantle.
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