Server: Ragnarok
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Present-day Allegiance: The Kingdom of San d'Oria
Crystal War Allegiance: The Kingdom of San d'Oria

Job Related Information

My main job is Paladin 75. I've always loved the job and I've always loved tanking. I recently reached Lv. 75 with Ninja, too. I'd like to try Dancer too, it really seems interesting; scholar is a job that I really can't get into since I don't consider myself good with the Whitemage and Blackmage jobs.

Complete Job Information


Below you will find a list of checklists I use to keep track of my progress throughout the different aspects of the game such as quests, items, maps, missions, etc.

Quest Checklists
Bastok | San d'Oria | Windurst
Aht Urhgan | Jeuno | Other | Outlands | Crystal War
Job Related Checklists
Bard Songs | Black Mage Spells | Blue Magic | Corsair Dies | Dark Knight Spells | Ninjutsu | Paladin Spells | Puppetmaster Attachments | Red Mage Spells | Scholar Spells | White Mage Spells
Other Checklists
Assault | Cavernous Maws | Maps | Outposts | Staging Points | Campaign Ops
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