this is Mikumaru of Odin . I have lost access to my original Email account and have created this new profile til i can fix the problem . [[1]]

  • High Summoner of Windurst . ウィンダスの召喚士
  • "Firstaru in , Lastaru Home. Death before dishonor. I wander the world , The stars as my blanket , the wind as my guide . With my Staff and Carbuncle i adventure , Never Alone ."
  • Remember those that have gone . Honor thier memory .
  • Help is never wasted , even when its not wanted .

Things to Do

you'd think some one who has been playing since the PS2 release would have a smaller list .


Stats at a Glance

  • Jobs SMN75 RDM74 WHM67 BLM68
  • crafts Cooking69 Fishing16
  • Sexyness 100 .


Contact Info

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