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In the previous two updates there have been no additions to the auto translate function. Various important phrases are unable to be translated and should be added in a future update.

Odin Alexander Zantetsuken Perfect Defense Castle Zvahl Baileys [S] Castle Zvahl Keep [S] Throne Room [S] Frozen Flame Bailey Borer Kinslayer: Baileys Kinslayer: Keep Fiat Lux Hazardous Materials Acrid Stream Blazing Bound Plenilune Embrace Demoralizing Roar Ciminic Discharge Battery Charge Leafstorm Animating Wail Regeneration Abyssea Abyssea - La Theine Abyssea - Konchtat Abyssea - Tahrongi Conflux Surveyor Vistalent Status Aisha Tornado Kick Blade: Yu Aeolian Edge Numbing Shot Sanguine Blade Bora Axe Herculean Slash Cataclysm Infernal Scythe Tachi: Ageha Sonic Thrust Flash Nova Refulgent Arrow Fell Cleave Restraint Despoil Perfect Counter Divine Emblem Mana Wall Nether Void Double Shot Sengikori Futae Spirit Jump Holy Mist Night Terror Lunar Bay Bolter's Roll Caster's Roll Tactical Switch Presto Climactic Flourish Libra Critical Attack Bonus Critical Defense Bonus Tactical Guard Tactical Parry Shield Defense Bonus Stout Servant True Shot Blood Boon Skillchain Bonus Fencer Conserve TP Occult Acumen Magic Burst Bonus Divine Benison Resist Amnesia Baramnesia Baramnesiara Evolith Hunt Registry Vedical Conflux Martello

Additionally, the following terms would be useful within game. Detects through Invisibility Detects through Sneak

I thank you for your time. ~Lordshadow, Administrator of FFXIclopedia

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