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Job Overview


Judges (JDG), regal combatants, are masters not only of themselves, but of others. A Judge is able to not only decree certain enemy abilities or actions to be forbidden for the duration of combat, but also to assist members of his own party by granting privileges they otherwise would be unable to use. Their superior knowledge allows the Judge to detect weaknesses in their enemies, allowing adventurers to maximize their combat skills in battle. Judges can use the heaviest armor to deflect their enemy's blows and wield Greatswords, Clubs, and Swords with skill to strike a respect for the law into their foes. Obtained by completing the The Narrow Path quest.

Job Abilities

Level  Name
01  Forbiddance
05  Scan
15  Law
15  Privilege
40  Shield of Justice
60  Blade of Justice
78  True Justice

Job Traits

Level  Name
5  Magic Defense Bonus
15  Resist Paralyze
25  Magic Defense Bonus II
35  Defense Bonus
50  Auto Regen
60  Magic Defense Bonus III
75  Defense Bonus II
75 (Merit)  Eye of Judgment
75 (Merit)  Shield of Law
77  Critical Attack Bonus
80  Critical Defense Bonus

Group 1 Merits

Level  Name
Merit  Law Duration
Merit  Privilege Duration
Merit  Scan Accuracy
Merit  Justice Effects

Laws & Privileges

Being the final arbiters of justice, Judges have two sets of key abilities: Laws and Privileges. Each of the rulings within these categories is acquired at a different level, and require a certain amount of Justice Charges to use. In addition, the effects of only two Laws and Privileges may be active at once.

  • Laws cripple enemies with harmful status ailments.
  • Privileges grants party members beneficial status effects.

Level  Type  Ability
15  Law  Law: Black Magic Restriction
15  Privilege  Privilege: Pax
15  Law  Law: White Magic Restriction
15  Privilege  Privilege: Healing
25  Law  Law: Movement Restriction
25  Privilege  Privilege: Intension
35  Law  Law: Critical Hit Restriction
35  Privilege  Privilege: Concentration
45  Law  Law: Enhancement Restriction
45  Privilege  Privilege: Flurry
Level  Type  Ability
55  Law  Law: Enfeeblement Restriction
55  Privilege  Privilege: Refresh
65  Law  Law: Magic Restriction
65  Privilege  Privilege: Awareness
75  Law  Law: Ability Restriction
75  Privilege  Privilege: Potency
75 (Merit)  Law  Law: Reduction
75 (Merit)  Privilege  Privilege: Regain
80  Law  Law: Assistance Restriction
80  Privilege  Privilege: Restoration

Combat Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 40 Cap at Level 80
 Great Sword A- 6 123 294
 Sword B+ 5 118 281
 Club B+ 5 118 281
 Hand-to-Hand D 4 109 230
 Throwing C- 5 114 245
 Evasion D 4 109 230
 Parry D 4 109 230
 Shield B- 5 118 265

Artifact Equipment

Artifact Set
Level Artifact
40  Justice Blade
52  Magister's Greaves
54  Magister's Gauntlets
56  Magister's Cuisses
58  Magister's Cuirass
60  Magister's Helm
Artifact Set +1
Level Artifact
74  Magister's Greaves +1
74  Magister's Gauntlets +1
74  Magister's Cuisses +1
74  Magister's Cuirass +1
74  Magister's Helm +1
Relic Set
Level Relic
70   Arbiter's Belt
71   Arbiter's Gauntlets
72   Arbiter's Greaves
73   Arbiter's Cuisses
74   Arbiter's Cuirass
75   Arbiter's Helm
Relic Set +1
Level Relic
75   Arbiter's Gauntlets +1
75   Arbiter's Greaves +1
75   Arbiter's Cuisses +1
75   Arbiter's Cuirass +1
75   Arbiter's Helm +1
Relic/Mythic Weapons
Level Weapon
75   Flametongue (Mythic)
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