Name: Koehdeth Graystone
Server: Seraph
Occupation: Adventurer, Mercenary, Part-Time Cook, Part-Time Mooch
Citizenship: Federation of Windurst
Place of Birth: Blacktea River Docks, Port Windurst
Group Affilations: Salaheem's Sentinels, The Tenshodo Organization, the Guild of No Sephiroth, The Cobra Unit
Race: Hume
Sex: Male
Size: Large
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Blood Type: AB

Adventuring Fellow

Name: Nanako
Level: 50
Weapon: Polearm, 4th Upgrade
Head: 4th Upgrade
Current Quest: None active

Race: Hume
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Blood Type: B


Name: Galaxy Feather
Breed: Unknown
Sex: Male
Colouring: Yellow
Strength: Outstanding
Endurance: A bit deficient
Receptivity: Poor
Discernment: Poor
Personality: Easy going
Favoured Weather: Clear
Abilities: None

Missions and Reputation

Ffxi flg 03l Ffxi flg 01l Ffxi flg 04l AhtUrhganFlag Tenshodoflagart1 Ffxi flg 02l ZMexpansionbox TavnaziaFlagSmall WotG Quests-Missions
Rank 0 0 7 PSC         Bronze Star
Reputation 9 7 9 - 4 9      
Current Mission - - WM 7-2 ToAUM 22     ZM 5 CoP 4-2 WotG 3


71 38 15 37 16 17 75 - 21 37
7 7 8 20 16 30 10 36 20 20

Craft Skills

Craft Rank Skill Guild Points
Alchemy Amateur 0  
Bonecraft Amateur 0  
Clothcraft Amateur 1  
Cooking Adept 80 Raw Fish Handling
Fishing Recruit 11  
Goldsmithing Amateur 0  
Leathercraft Amateur 0  
Smithing Amateur 0  
Woodworking Initiate 21  

Combat Skills

 Skill Level
 Axe 51
 Club 127
 Dagger 186
 Great Axe 41
 Great Katana 111
 Great Sword 86
 Hand-to-Hand 83
 Katana 48
 Polearm 62
 Scythe 107
 Staff 85
 Sword 230
 Archery 78
 Marksmanship 24
 Throwing 40
 Evasion 212
 Guarding 24
 Parrying 89
 Shields 121

Magic Skills

 Skill Level
 Dark Magic 200
 Elemental Magic 232
 Divine Magic 98
 Healing Magic 218
 Enfeebling Magic 290
 Enhancing Magic 256
 Blue Magic 48
 Ninjutsu 3
 Singing 214
 String Instrument 132
 Summoning Magic 34
 Wind Instrument 214


HP/MP Attributes Skills Others Red Mage
MP +20   Enfeebling Magic Skill +14   Convert Recast -40 seconds
    Elemental Magic Skill +2   Magic Accuracy (Ice) +3
    Dagger +2   Magic Accuracy (Wind) +3
    Evasion +2   Paralyze II, level 1
        Phalanx II, level 1

Artifact Items

Job Weapon Head Body Hands Legs Feet
Bard Check Eks Eks Check Eks Eks
Red Mage Check Check Check Check Check Check

Relic Items

Job Weapon Head Body Hands Legs Feet Acc.
Bard Eks Check Eks Check Eks Eks Eks
Beastmaster Eks Eks Eks Eks Check Check Eks
Red Mage Eks Eks Eks Check Check Check Eks
Samurai Eks Eks Eks Eks Check Eks Eks
Warrior Eks Check Eks Check Eks Eks Eks

Dynamis Clears

Bastok Jeuno San d'Oria Windurst Beaucedine
Check Check Check Check Check
Xarcabard Buburimu Qufim Valkurm Tavnazia
Check Check Eks Eks Eks

Avatar and Spirit Pacts

Air Earth Thunder Water Fire Ice Dark Light
Check Check Eks Eks Check Check Eks Eks
Garuda Titan Ramuh Leviathan Ifrit Shiva Fenrir Diabolos
Eks Eks Check Check Check Check Eks Eks

Outposts and Runic Portals

Aragoneu Azouph Isle Dvucca Isle Elsh. Lowlands Elsh. Uplands Fauregandi Gustaberg Halvung Ilrusi Atoll Kolshushu Kuzotz
Check Check Check Check Check Check Eks Check Eks Check Check
Li'Telor Mamool Ja Norvallen Nyzul Isle Qufim Ronfaure Sarutabaruta Tavnazia Valdeaunia Vollbow Zulkheim
Check Check Check Check Check Check Check Check Check Check Check

Cavernous Maws

Batallia Downs (S) North Gustaberg (S) Jugner Forest (S) Meriphataud Mountains (S) Pashhow Marshlands (S) Rolanberry Fields (S) East Ronfaure (S) West Sarutabaruta (S) Sauromugue Champaign (S)
Check Check Check Eks Check Check Check Check Check

Automaton Attachments

Tension Spring Trans FireTrans Fire Check
Tension Spring II Trans FireTrans FireTrans Fire Eks
Inhibitor Trans Fire Check
Strobe Trans Fire Check
Attuner Trans FireTrans Fire Eks
Reactive Shield Trans FireTrans Fire Eks
Flame Holder Trans Fire Eks
Loudspeaker Trans IceTrans Ice Check
Loudspeaker II Trans IceTrans IceTrans Ice Eks
Mana Booster Trans IceTrans Ice Check
Scanner Trans Ice Check
Tactical Processor Trans IceTrans Ice Eks
Tranquilizer Trans IceTrans Ice Eks
Ice Maker Trans Ice Eks
Accelerator Trans WindTrans Wind Check
Accelerator II Trans WindTrans WindTrans Wind Check
Scope Trans WindTrans Wind Check
Pattern Reader Trans Wind Check
Drum Magazine Trans WindTrans Wind Eks
Turbo Charger Trans WindTrans Wind Eks
Armor Plate Trans EarthTrans Earth Check
Armor Plate II Trans EarthTrans EarthTrans Earth Eks
Shock Absorber Trans Earth Check
Analyzer Trans Earth Check
Equalizer Trans EarthTrans Earth Eks
Schurzen Trans EarthTrans Earth Eks
Stabilizer Trans LightningTrans Lightning Check
Stabilizer II Trans LightningTrans LightningTrans Lightning Eks
Volt Gun Trans LightningTrans Lightning Check
Heat Seeker Trans Lightning Check
Target Marker Trans LightningTrans Lightning Eks
Dynamo Trans LightningTrans Lightning Eks
Mana Jammer Trans WaterTrans Water Check
Mana Jammer II Trans WaterTrans WaterTrans Water Eks
Stealth Screen Trans Water Check
Heatsink Trans Water Check
Mana Channeler Trans WaterTrans Water Eks
Condenser Trans Water Eks
Auto-Repair Kit Trans LightTrans Light Check
Auto-Repair Kit II Trans LightTrans LightTrans Light Eks
Damage Gauge Trans Light Check
Flashbulb Trans LightTrans Light Check
Eraser Trans LightTrans Light Eks
Optic Fiber Trans Light Eks
Mana Tank Trans DarkTrans Dark Check
Mana Tank II Trans DarkTrans DarkTrans Dark Check
Mana Conserver Trans Dark Check
Mana Converter Trans DarkTrans Dark Check
Smoke Screen Trans DarkTrans Dark Eks
Economizer Trans Dark Eks
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