This is my page. My character's name is Blodhskulblaka. I am currently a 51 RNG/THF. I intend to take RNG to 75, along with DRK, DRG, and possibly THF too. I static with 4 friends of mine, 3 of which I know in real life. They inclue Spawnofevil, Bratac, Preude, and Cirus of Caitsith. Spawnofevil goes as BRD, Bratac as PLD, Preude as RDM, and Cirus as SAM. So far, all we've had to do is find something like another DD or possibly a BLM. As of now, we are doing CoP missions to get Cirus a Soboro. We are about to do the Diabolos fight at the moment, and we plan to finish the missions some day. On the side, we get AF for our static jobs, and go farming for our crafts. I'm sure that none of you care about this, but if you didn't, then you really shouldn't be reading it.

Blodhskulblaka - 51 RNG/THF - Caitsith CoP 3-6 Bastok Rank 5

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