Distilled Water


Flask of distilled water

This water has been purified
by a distillation process.

Stack Size 12
Item Type Material
Item Use No effect
Synthesized Yes (Cannot be signed)
Desynthesis Cannot be desynthesized.
Synthesis Material Yes (Cannot be recovered)
Transferable Delivery, Trade, Player icon bazaar Bazaar, FFXIAH-icon Auction
How to Obtain Containers, Merchants, FFXIDB Monsters, Treasure, Assault

Other Uses

Resale Price: 2 - 3 gil

Synthesis Recipes

Alchemy (2/13)
Yield: Distilled Water x 3
HQ 1: Distilled Water x 6
HQ 2: Distilled Water x 9
HQ 3: Distilled Water x 12
Lightning Crystal

Used in Recipes

Desynthesis Recipes


Obtained from Desynthesis

  • None

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Food > Ingredients ( )


Treasure Casket


Price: 9 - 12 gil
Name Location Type
Boncort Northern San d'Oria (F-8) Standard Merchant
Croumangue Port San d'Oria (G-7) Standard Merchant
Benaige Southern San d'Oria (F-7) Standard Merchant
Shilah Southern San d'Oria (K-6) Standard Merchant
Griselda Bastok Mines (H-5) Standard Merchant
Tomasa Metalworks (H-9) Standard Merchant
Melloa Port Bastok (D-6) Standard Merchant
Sawyer Port Bastok (E-6) Standard Merchant
Ness Rugetomal Windurst Waters (F-10) Standard Merchant
Taajiji Windurst Waters (F-10) Standard Merchant
Wije Tiren Windurst Woods (I-8) Standard Merchant
Yoskolo Lower Jeuno (I-8) Standard Merchant
Leyla Port Jeuno (H-8) Standard Merchant
Leillaine Upper Jeuno (G-9) Standard Merchant
Gavrie Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-8) Standard Merchant
Komalata Tavnazian Safehold (G-7) Standard Merchant
Pahya Lolohoiv Kazham (I-8) Standard Merchant
Pikini-Mikini Mhaura (G-9) Standard Merchant
Scamplix Rabao (F-7) Standard Merchant
Dohdjuma Selbina (G-10) Standard Merchant
Kanil Western Adoulin (K-8) Standard Merchant

Guild Merchants

Price: 9 - 58 gil
Name Location Guild
Gathweeda Aht Urhgan Whitegate (G-5) Alchemists' Guild
Open 8:00 - 23:00
Maymunah Bastok Mines (K-7) Alchemists' Guild
Open 8:00 - 23:00
Cletae Southern San d'Oria (D-8) Tanners' Guild
Open 3:00 - 18:00
Kueh Igunahmori

Dropped From

Name Level Zone
Sabotender 42-46 Eastern Altepa Desert
Cactuar 48-53 Western Altepa Desert
Goblin Welldigger 51-55 Western Altepa Desert
Sabotender Bailaor 52-59 Quicksand Caves
Spelunking Sabotender 62-68 Quicksand Caves
Sabotender Sediendo 64-67 Kuftal Tunnel


Assault Zone Rank Mission Name  ??? Item*
Ilrusi Atoll PSC Golden Salvage ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll PFC Lamia No.13 ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll LC Demolition Duty ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll S Apkallu Seizure ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll SM Lost and Found ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll CS Deserter ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll SL Desperately Seeking Cephalopods ??? Box

*The listed ??? Item may not always appraise to the desired item.

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