This user is a Tarutaru.
This user is a Citizen of Windurst
Rank 6
Rdmsmall.jpg This user is a level 75 Red Mage.
Brdsmall.jpg This user is a level 75 Bard.
Blmsmall.jpg This user is a level 61 Black Mage.
This user is a level 77+2 Weaver.
This user plays on the Ragnarok Server.
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Kaia (Tarutaru)
Main Job: Red Mage / Bard
Server: Ragnarok
Linkshell: Intrinsic (sackholder)
Blog: KaiaNine: Indecisive Mage
Quest Log
Wanted List


Started playing on one his mules, didn't find his niche until he decided to be a Tarutaru mage. Started off as a White Mage originally planning to sub Black Mage until he found out how much fun it was to nuke. It's been all down hill from there.

Willing to try out just about anything he joined a Linkshell to create a static group that used to play weekly. In that group, he was a Bard/Ninja puller along with four close RealLife friends, and his wife.

Currently, he's raising a Chocobo named HyperJoy,skilling up his NPC Zayag (who's currently a lv 58 Fierce Attacker w/a Kiku-Ichimonji), and has obtained his first 75 job to date, a Red Mage. Since his previous Linkshell has moved onto other things, including lots of fun jobs to have as subjob, and has finished leveling Bard to 75.

Missions are @ Windurst Mission 6-2 and saying WTF at things that are happening.

Job Levels

75 62 25 24 1 37 13 8 37
7 1 9 75 37 12 60 37 40
  • RDM :: Only 75, default when helping people.
  • BRD :: Second job to 75, lots of fun meriting & pulling.
  • THF :: Current Solo project, for farming madness
  • BLM :: Someday to take this to 75, for now, using it for Besieged

Craft Skills

Alchemy Bonecraft Clothcraft Cooking Fishing Goldsmithing Leathercraft Smithing Woodworking
6 60 79 + 2 60 11 43 60 14 60
  • Clothcraft :: crafting Puk Wing x2 into Puk Fletchings x6 (skill cap:82) right now, hoping to get to 80 soon.


  • Aryn
Mithra resident of Windurst (THF25/MNK12, Rank2)
very first character made, got frustrated with Mithra / Thief after which created Kaia
drop collection and sale
  • Kaianine
Galka resident of Jeuno and citizen of Bastok
Dragoon43, Warrior30, Red Mage25
seperate character for the complete opposide side of the fence from a Tarutaru Mage, a Galka Damage Dealer
  • Ryion
Elvaan Male resident and citizen of San d'Oria
keeper of millions worth of +1 armor.
keeper of crafting materia

Notorious Monsters (NM)

Just for fun, a listing of NM's taken down solo or in a group.


  • Thanks to Tsakiki for the welcome, and since i stole her layout and made it my own.
  • I'm having lots of fun with this wiki... and need something to work on, if there's anything... let me know. i'm glad to help.


Loving the new wikia layout, but frankly, the right sidebar is almost completely useless to me, now that the search box is in the header.

I use a Firefox extension called Stylish which allows me to set preferences on my browser that will override a page's css styles, to make the page's style my own. For example, my Google search page is using this Dark Grey style, which re-styles all google search pages to have a black background, which is easier on my eyes.

With the extension installed, here's the little bit of code you'll need to remove the wikia sidebar, the 'sponsored wikis', and all sidebar stuff, allowing the content to span the entire width of the page. i also upped the padding on the articles, as i felt it was a little to tight. **enjoy**

 @-moz-document domain("wiki.ffxiclopedia.org") {
 #articleWrapper { padding-right:10px !important; }
 #article { padding:10px !important; }
 #sidebar { display:none !important; visibility: hidden !important; }
 } /* end doc */
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