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Windy Mission 6.1

I went to make sure i had staredt Windurst Mission 6-1 and the gate guard tells me to go talk to Hakkuru-Rinkuru, so I do. When I get to the Orastery, I get the following &#^#$#&$, which is unrelated to the Mission...

First i talk to Hakkuru-Rinkuru, and he's talking nonsense.

Hakkuru-Rinkuru: Whoa! Holy moley!
   Major depression.

then i figure maybe i'm supposed to talk to Kuroido-Moido who's standing next to him.

Kuroido-Moido: Let me explain why Hakkuru-Rinkuru is so down in the dumps...
Kuroido-Moido: You remember that little incident where he accidentarully broke the minister's want, 
   don'taru you? He was able to pull the wool over the minister's eyes up until he replaced the wand 
   with a new one.
Kuroido-Moido: But our minister knows his stuff! Seems the minister took one look at the new wand, 
   realized it had been switched, and game Hakkuru-Rinkuru a right royal telling off!
Hakkuru-Rinkuru: No, Kuroido-Moido, you got it wrong!
He didn't get an itty-bitty bit angry with me at all, even though he had every right... That's why 
   I am so depressed!
Kuroido-Moido: You've got me all confused. What's the problem then?
Hakkuru-Rinkuru: We all very well know Minister Ajido-Marujido's hoity-toity sarcastic personaily. 
   But he didn't even spare me a single sarcastic remark.
Hakkuru-Rinkuru: He just went all quiet and huffed off all of a sudden. I bet he had such ill will 
   he couldn't express himself in words!
Hakkuru-Rinkuru: Wha-a~aaa!
I'm going to be fired for sure after this hubbub!
Kuroido-Moido: Hmm... It is just as I feared.
   That wasn'taru just your average wand we were dealing with there. It wasn'taru something that 
   you could replace by simply buying a new one.
Kuroido-Moido: You sent the old want off to the magic incinerator, rightaru? I wonder if they've 
   already incinerated it?

at which point the dialog stops. talking to either again gets you the following:

Hakkuru-Rinkuru: Whaa~a! I'm such a ding-a-ling! I'm going to be fired for sure this time!

Kuroido-Moido: It seems my colleague sent the old wand off to the magic invinerator in Garliage Citadel.
Kuroido-Moido: It's probably too late to save it from being burnt to a crisp...

so... i checked up on both Hakkuru-Rinkuru & Kuroido-Moido hoping something would make sense. I'm guessing that this is a followup mission to Making Amens! & Wonder Wands, but there's nothing listed anywhere.

and... did i already flag the mission, or am i stuck in a side-quest before i can do the mission? *confused*