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Whmsmall This character is a level 75 White Mage.
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Jolatola of Fairy

Jolatola (Tarutaru)

Main Job: None specifically.
Server: Fairy
Linkshell: lolMatrixlol : WhereASidewalkEnds
Playing Since: NA Release
Playtime: 500~ Days
Favorite Character: Shantotto
Favorite Quotes:
  • Accept thy destruction... Wish for eternity... Yearn for immortality... Sense thy transience...Know thy insignificance... ΩΩΩΩΩΩ ~Alexander
  • People are capable of kindness beyond angels, yet we also commit sins that would put a demon to shame... ~Raogrimm
  • We all wear masks because deep down inside we are nothing but beasts. The question I ask you is, to which do you submit--the mask, or the beast? ~ Zolku-Azolku

Job Levels

WAR - 75 MNK - 75 BLM - 10 WHM - 75
RDM - 20 THF - 58 PLD - 75 DRK - 75
BRD - 13 SMN - 07 BST - 34 RNG - 69
SAM - 75 NIN - 75 DRG - 75 BLU - 65
COR - 60 PUP - 75 DNC - 42 SCH - 37

Quested Weapon Skills

Empyreal Arrow X
Detonator X
Decimation O
Steel Cyclone O
Black Halo X
Evisceration X
Savage Blade O
Asuran Fists O
Ground Strike O
Spiral Hell O
Tachi: Kasha O
Blade: Ku O
Impulse Drive O
Retribution X

History of a Taru

Originally born in Tavnazia and raised by his parents Kyarumia-Kumria (Father) and Naminama (Mother), both of whom were mages in the Master Caster Division of the Windurstian army stationed in the capital of Tavnazia. His father was a skilled Blackmage in charge of training new recruits, and his mother was a Redmage, 2nd in command of the 3rd division. Both of Jolatola's parents were killed in the Great War of Tavnazia.

Jolatola ended up in Windurst to live with a family of Mithra refuges who had become friends with his family before they were re-assigned to Tavnazia, though they had never seen Jolatola they agreed that with the death of his parents, he needed someone to look after him. (At this time he was still a child). At early ages Jolatola showed a latent skill in the magic arts, more than likely the result of his heritage. He attended the MasterCaster's school in Port Windurst to further train his skills, and despite a natural talent, he lost interest quickly. Magic didn't seem to interest the little Tarutaru however, and he began looking for something else to do with his life.

For several weeks Jola had made a habbit of skipping his classes and exploring the City, as well as venturing out into Sarutabaruta. This being his first time in the wilderness outside the protection of the walls of Windurst, Jolatola quickly found himself in trouble, surrounded by a group of Yagudo, attempting to fight them off he tried desperately to cast what magic he knew to fend them away, but it was no use, just before the killing blow was stuck, a flash of steel caught Jola's eye, an instant later, a spray of blood erupted from the Yagudo's arm as it dropped to the ground. Trembling, Jolatola looked up at the shadow standing above him, a giant figure, holding an axe that was nearly 3 times larger than Jola loomed over him and spoke, "Be safe little one, these lands are alittle out of your league." The Galka warrior made quick work of the remaining Yagudo, and helped Jolatola to his feet. Jola was amazed by the Galka, able to destroy something so easily that his spells couldn't even scratch, he looked at the large galka, who's shoulder he was now sitting on as they headed back towards Windurst. During the long walk back the Galka told him of his training as a Warrior, and told him the basics behind how to swing an axe, and before they had even set foot back into Windurst Walls, the two of them had quickly become friends.

Jolatola and his Galka friend, Razgran, spent alot of time together over the next few weeks, sharing stories at the Timbre Timbers Taven, enjoying the good weather, and even fishing. Razgran also took a few hours a day training Jola the skills needed to swing an axe, both one, and two handed. At first he wasn't very good at swinging the huge weapon, and usually ended up flat on his bumm, or his face, but as time went on his skills became better and better, as the two of them ventured out into the world of Vana'Diel together.

-scene missing(sorry)-

Several years had passed, Razgran had moved away to the lands of Bastok, and though Jola and him still kept touch, they had gone their seperate ways. Jolatola had long since mastered the skills of being a Warrior, had stepped foot in the holy grounds of Tu'Lia, faught toe-to-toe with the very guardians that protected the grounds, and had won. But after all this he still felt like something inside him was missing, he'd been swinging his axe so long he'd forgotten the reasons why he'd started all of this in the first place. Jolatola began spending alot of his time in Norg, the "Gate to the East" He's choosen this place because of it's remoteness, it was a place he could be alone, and have peace and quiet to think, and fish. Perhaps it was fate, or some other will of the world that had brought him here, but at the time he never knew that this place would change his life so much.

It was his second month of living in the Pirate town, he was on a first name basis with many of the people there, and spent alot of time helping them unload the cargo ships from The Eastern Kingdom to help pay for his bunk there. It wasn't long before he noticed a group of individuals that had come from the kingdom to help Gilgamesh with the problems that were beginning to arise with the beast men in the far off northlands. They all carried long curved blades, and wore ornate armor, and called themselves the "Samurai".

In exchange for his help unloading ships, and gathering materials for the new shipments to go back to the Kingdoms, One of them gave Jolatola an old Katana so that he could begin his training with the blade, at first Jolatola thought that this was just going to be another weapon to hone his skills on, as he had done so many times as Warrior, but as he began his training with one of the Elders of Norg, he soon realized that he had found something much more.

Jolatola had realized that which he'd been missing all these years, a focus in his life, he had spent so much time just mindlessly mastering his skills, and trying to prove himself as a strong warrior, despite his size, he'd lost his direction, and his spirituality. Jola returned the Katana to the Elder, telling him that he was not yet ready to swing such a blade, and that he would need time to think about his path before he could take up the offer, and to this the old man just smiled at him, and told him to stop by tomorrow, and he would help show the young Tarutaru what he was looking for.

Jolatola spent nearly another year in Norg, meditating for hours a day with the elder, he had found his place in the world once more, he knew that he had to train his body, mind, and soul anew. For the first time in a year his tiny hands slowly wrapped around the hilt of Katana, this time the sword felt completely different to him, the first time he had touched it, it was just another tool of killing, but this time, it was so much more, it was his purpose in life, a sacred blade that could clear his mind of impurities, and take him to a new level of experience in his life.

Jolatola smiled, as he set his worn out Great Axe on the rack in the group bedroom in Norg, and turned, walking out the door without looking back, he left everything behind, taking only the Sword strapped to his back, and a set of Eastern Robes he had been given as a gift from a Samurai from The Eastern Kingdom, it was this day, that his story was to really begin.

Current Goals

From the Desk of a Tarutaru: A Dark Knight Guide.

Planned :

  • Finish Jolatola's backstory
  • Samurai Guide
  • Mog House Special

Game related :

Wikipage related :

  • Revamp entire User Page


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