Hey, This is Jeersen from Quetzalcoatl. Currently Social Linkshell Nobles. Trying to Edit couple new pages when I feel like it.

Main Job is WAR. Working toward the great axe magian trial.

4/5 +1 war af3 items
working toward body seals

Looking for Glavoid Shell and Itzpapalotl's Scale.

Also working on PLD toward the new shield.

working on head/feet/body seals for pld.

Collecting Iron Plate.
Collecting Colorless Soul.

Trying to do this while helping LS mate and others get the boss clears and caturae. Hopefully will get to do alot Shinryu soon with them. So far had most success with THF being the brewer on shinryu, as you get the +TH procs alot and THF does a good job of killing shinryu w/o too much difficulty.

<a href=""> Google! </a> Hmmm... guessing this already does some html code...

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