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Axoniis (Retired)
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Wyvern012 This character's Wyvern is named Karav-Marav.
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~ Axoniis, the Youth ~

For Axoniis, life always seemed to be a series of shortcomings, overcompensations, and futilely striving for some sort of perfect balance in life.

As a child living in relative isolation, with no company or companion, Axoniis often fantasized about being an adventurer. Such things as adventuring and battle were not unknown to him, as his father gave his life in the Crystal War, being one of the first to master the magic of calling forth spirits to aid in battle (later named Summoning). He often was left to his own devices, and learned quickly to care for himself, even having to fashion his own clothing out of the grasses which grew wild around his house.

One day, in search of tougher grasses, he accidentally stumbled upon a party of adventurers, who showed him a great kindness and brought him to Windurst, where he found many other Tarutaru, like him, dreamed of being adventurers. Eager to learn, he began studying magic and found his calling, becoming a Red Mage to fill the void of balance in his heart.

~ Axoniis, the Adventurer ~

True to his young nature, and ever seeking that "perfect balance" he dreams of, Axoniis is rarely seen as the same job twice, preferring instead to go from one job to another, assessing their individual strengths and weaknesses, in an effort to create a perfectly-balanced combination of both jobs. Thus far, he has excelled well at both Puppetmaster (discovering in the process an entertainer's soul deep within him) and Red Mage, enjoying being the one his party can count on as either a healer or a nuker. He has met the infamous Maat once, and heard stories of the valour of those who face him in battle... and has decided that he will not rest until he has defeated Maat as every job possible.

At the behest of many of his friends, sensing the healer's soul dwelling deep within him, Axoniis also turned his attentions towards being a White Mage. To date, he feels he has made the most progress therein, though he still strives for perfect balance in every facet of his being, and continues to hone his other jobs regularly, always on the lookout for weakness or imbalance.

Of late, on a whim, Axoniis has begun studying under the tutilage of Troupe Brilioth. While these studies seem... to him, as well as others... a bit more chaotic and further from the center of Axoniis's magic roots, a definite joy flows from within during his practices.

~ Axoniis, the Hero ~

Axoniis, upon meeting various Tarutarus of influence and power, was once confided in during a private meeting with the Star Sibyl that he is a decendent of none other than the infamous Hero of Windurst, the Great Summoner (and thus related to the 'rogue' Minister, Ajido-Marujido). In this vein, Axoniis seeks to do away with any evil which might turn its ugly head towards Windurst. His research (either personally or completed by any of his various research assistants) has turned up many secret alliances, including one which threatens to put San d'Oria in control of the entire of Vana'Diel, and to this, Axoniis is currently seeking all the tangled and twisted threads, to undo their nefarious plot and return true peace to the middle lands.

~ Axoniis, the Crafter ~

Given his past with crafting clothing and other necessities from the grasses which grew about his childhood home, one would expect that Axoniis would turn his attentions towards clothcraft when he began exploring the various "adventurer crafts" popular in Vana'diel... and, to be sure, one would be correct to do so. His young adventuring life (when not spent in battle) consisted of collecting grasses from throughout Sarutabaruta and attempting to make new and useful clothing for his adventures; however, as he himself adapted to balance, so too did his crafting experiences, ranging from alchemy, to smithing and woodworking, to even bonecraft and goldsmithing.

Thus far he seems most confident in alchemy; however, some believe the main reason for his obsession with alchemy could be related to the mysterious "Iatrochemistry" which he has acquired, and many say he can be found late at night, concocting new and interesting attachments to add to his companion Pamama, who is often found at his side, assisting in the battle against the forces of evil.

~ Job Levels ~


Will not be levelled in the near future.
Priority job.
Occasional levelling.
Static job.

19 33 75 40 47 21 19 20 11 18
20 20 24 36 26 23 27 50 19 33

~ Craft Levels ~

Fish Wood Smth Gold Clth Lthr Bone Alch Cook
007.x 019.7 014.x 016.x 027.2 002.x 008.x 053.x 030.x
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