My favorite parts of FFXI were Blue Mage, Chains of Promathia, Ballista, and Nyzul Isle, especially the level 99 version, which I think didn't deserve its reputation of exclusivity. I completed it in its original, widely-hated form with a casual LS using no cheats (meaning no //fillmode, lamp .dats, flee hacking, or the like, although I later found out that five out of six members didn't even use Windower).

Now playing casually on a 75-cap private server and loving it.

Articles I wrote:

Janeth's Guide to BLU Tanking

How to sing Memoria de la Ŝtona

Summoner Macro Tricks

Other recommendations for this crowd:

Beastmen Guide by Jopasopa

FFXI Jokes

How to break the Chains of Promathia in your life (seriously)

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