Mnksmall This user is a level 75 Monk.
This user is an Elvaan.
This user is a level 100+3 Tanner.
This character is a Citizen of San d'Oria Rank 10
This user plays on the Caitsith Server.


MNK75, BLM75, PUP75, SMN75, THF75, WHM60, BST57,
WAR51, BRD51, BLU51, DRK51, DRG51, DNC51, SAM51,
NIN51, RDM47, COR24, RNG24, SCH23, PLD2

Job Levels 1020/1,500


General Merits
Category Upgrades
Hit Points 8/8
Category Upgrades
Strength 5/5
Combat Skills
Category Upgrades
H2H 8/8
Evasion 4/4
Other Weapon Upgrade 0/8
Magic Skills
Category Upgrades
Elemental Magic 8/8
Enfeebling Magic 4/4
Dark Magic 4/4
Category Upgrades
Critical Hit Rate 4/4
Enemy Critical Hit Rate 4/4
Monk Merits
Group 1
Category Upgrades
Counter 5/5
Kick Attacks 5/5
Group 2
Category Upgrades
Formless Strikes 2/2
Invigorate 3/3
Penance 5/5
Black Mage Merits
Group 1
Category Upgrades
Ice Magic Potency 5/5
Lightning Magic Potency 5/5
Group 2
Category Upgrades
Freeze II 4/4
Tornado II 1/1
Burst II 4/4
Flood II 1/1

General Merits 49/57
Monk Merits 20/20
Black Mage Merits 20/20
Total Merits 89/97
Total Merit Points 296/296
EXP 2,960,000/2,960,000


Craft Skill Crafting Tools Craft Skill Crafting Tools
Ffxi gld 09 60+1 Iatrochemistry
Alchemic Ensorcellment
Alchemic Purification
Ffxi gld 05 60+1 Chainwork
Gold Purification
Gold Ensorcellment
Ffxi gld 02 60+1 Filing
Bone Purification
Bone Ensorcellment
Ffxi gld 07 100+3 Tanning
Leather Purification
Leather Ensorcellment
Ffxi gld 03 60+1 Fletching
Cloth Purification
Cloth Ensorcellment
Ffxi gld 04 60+1 Chainwork
Metal Purification
Metal Ensorcellment
Ffxi gld 06 60 none Ffxi gld 08 60+1 Lumberjack
Wood Ensorcellment
Wood Purification

Craft Levels 520+9/520+10

BLM Gear

Nuking Set
Item Current Gear Desired Gear
Weapon Vulcan's Staff
Aquilo's Staff
Auster's Staff
Terra's Staff
Jupiter's Staff
Neptune's Staff
Pluto's Staff
Grip Bugard Strap +1
Ammo Phantom Tathlum Lamiabane
Head Wizard's Petasos +1
Morrigan's Coronal
Maat's Cap
Neck Philomath Stole Prudence Torque
Ear1 Abyssal Earring Novio Earring
Ear2 Moldavite Earring
Body Morrigan's Robe
Hands Yigit Gages
Morrigan's Cuffs
Zenith Mitts +1
Mahatma Cuffs
Valkyrie's Cuffs
Ring Tamas Ring
Ring2 Snow Ring
Sorcerer's Ring
Back Merciful Cape
Ixion Cape
Errant Cape
Altruistic Cape
Waist Sorcerer's Belt Penitent's Rope
Legs Morrigan's Slops
Feet Yigit Crackows
Rostrum Pumps
Morrigan's Pigaches
Other Gear
Item Current Gear Desired Gear
Ring Defending Ring
Elemental Magic Set
Item Current Gear Possible Gear
Weapon Aquilo's Staff (10)
Head Sorcerer's Petasos +1 (10)
Neck Elemental Torque (7)
Ear Elemental Earring (3)
Body Sorcerer's Coat (5) Genie Weskit (6)
Sorcerer's Coat +1 (7)
Hands Wizard's Gloves +1 (15)
Rings Ice Ring (15)
Back Merciful Cape (5)
Legs Druid's Slops (5)
Feet Nashira Crackows (5)
Base Skill
Skill from Merits
Skill from Gear
Total Skill: 339 374
Dark Magic Set
Item Current Gear Desired Gear
Weapon Pluto's Staff
Head Silk Hat (1)
Neck Dark Torque (7)
Ear1 Abyssal Earring (5)
Ear2 Dark Earring (3)
Body Nashira Manteel (5)
Hands Sorcerer's Gloves +1 (12)
Back Merciful Cape (5)
Legs Wizard's Tonban (15)
Feet Igqira Huaraches (4)
Genie Huaraches (5)
Base Skill
Skill from Merits
Skill from Gear
Total Skill: 330 334
Item Current Gear Desired Gear
Weapon Pluto's Staff (10)
Head Wizard's Petasos +1 (1)
Yigit Turban (1)
Goliard Chapeau (2)
Hydra Beret (2)
Oracle's Cap (2)
Neck Beak Necklace +1 (2) Phi Necklace (3)
Ear1 Antivenom Earring (1)
Ear2 Relaxing Earring (2)
Body Wizard's Coat +1 (5)
Yigit Gomlek (5)
Mahatma Houppelande (6)
Oracle's Robe (6)
Hands Oracle's Gloves (2)
Ring Star Ring (1)
Celestial Ring (1)
Back Invigorating Cape (1)
Waist Qiqirn Sash +1 (3)
Legs Yigit Seraweels (2)
Oracle's Braconi (2)
Feet Goliard Clogs (3)
Total HMP: +32 +37


San d'Oria: Complete (Rank 10)
Windurst: Complete (Rank 10)
Bastok: Complete (Rank 10)
Rise of the Zilart: Complete (ZM17+)
Chains of Promathia: Complete (CoP 8-4+)
Treasures of Aht Urhgan: Complete (ToAU 48+)
Wings of the Goddess Mission 15: Crossroads of Time


HouseAtreus - Social, Limbus, ZNMs, Sky, Sea, VNMs, SCNMs, Einherjar, some HNMs
TheGarrison - Assaults, Salvage
Arasmas - Dynamis

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