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This character was originally born on Midgardsormr as Idun, and is now living on the Shiva Server as CatrinM. Idun rose as a White Mage on Midgard, joining the Phalanx Linkshell at level 50 where she grew a further 20 levels to level 70. As a member of Phalanx, she helped organize a mass rank-up for the whole linkshell, getting all linkshell members to rank 10 in all 3 cities.

During a LS run in Bostanieux Oubliette which was intended to get the LS Leader a Jelly Ring for his birthday, the entire alliance wiped. One of the less frequent members of the LS happened to log on at that moment and came to the rescue. This level 67BST, Tribain, raised the WHM's and held off the aggro mobs by himself while the rest of the alliance was raised. He then went on to almost solo the NM. Idun was hooked on BST!!

Due to changes in work hours, Idun was logging in at some very strange hours, and so started learning how to die as a Beastmaster. At about level 45, a whole group of new adventurers arrived from the Shiva world, and Idun became firm friends with Qualo, another BST. They duoed together for several levels, with Idun reaching 67, when Qualo disappeared!

Qualo's friends, who had quit the game, had come back on Shiva, and Qualo created Andiamo to be with them. Thus Catrin was born on the Shiva world, to level there, stay with old friends and make new ones. Like Qualo, the hope was to bring Idun to Shiva also, but that didn't happen until both Catrin and Andiamo had already reached level 75BST. On moving to Shiva, the name "Idun" was already in use, so Idun became CatrinM, the M being for "Midgard". Note that both of these characters are currently on the same account, so only one of the two will be online at any time.

More mules were needed, and were created on a separate account .... now what to name them? Following the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) principle, they were all named Catrin with a suffix letter indicating their city of origin, so if you think there's a lot of Catrin's on Shiva, most of them are me :)

Main Characters: CatrinMCatrinCatrinX
City Mules: CatrinBCatrinWCatrinSCatrinJ
Floating Mules: CatrinZSecretShopperDewydd

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