PLD Cheap Fire Resist

Neptune's Staff Main Trans Fire+20
Green Ribbon Head Trans Fire +10
Buburimu Gorget Neck Trans Fire +10
Republic Harness Body Trans Fire +5
Tarasque Mitts +1 Hands Trans Fire +6
Water Belt Waist Trans Fire +20
Crimson Cuisses Legs Trans Fire +20
Power Sandals Feet Trans Fire +7
Cerberus Mantle Back Trans Fire +10
Sapphire Earring Earring x2 Trans Fire +20
Triumph Ring Ring 1 Trans Fire +10
Malflame Ring Ring 2 Trans Fire +10
Cerberus Bow Ranged Trans Fire +13

RDM Trans Fire +93 or more
BRD Fire Carol Trans Fire +50
BRD FIre Carol w/ Soul Voice Trans Fire +90

Without Soul Voice or Enhancing Magic bonuses: Trans Fire +304
With Soul Voice Trans Fire +344

Red Mage Want List



File:Genie gages.jpg

Duelist's Gloves

The Bored List

  • Quest line for Adaman Ingot/Goblin Belt
  • Level Club Skill
  • Merit for Imperial Standing
  • Work on Death Blossom
  • Farm sky gems
  • Level BLM
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