aka I. B. Halliwell

  • I live in Chicago, IL
  • I was born on January 17
  • My occupation is Computer Specialist (Retired)
  • I am Male


My Son (Ramrat) and I (IBHalliwell) have been playing Final Fantasy XI, since March 2004 (we started with the NA PS2 release). What got us started was a TV advertisement for the game. We said WOW at the same time and were hooked. As I owned a PS2 already, I waited till the release date and immediately after work went to Best Buy and bought the game (HDD), Network Controller, and a keyboard. Less than a week later I was back buying a second PS2, another game, another network controller, and another keyboard.

We'd already created two POL accounts (and a third started about a month later).

I can still remember not even knowing how to open the doors PLUS how now one (especially high level Japanese players) wanted to help us. We assumed it was to make us take the same path as they did in learning the game.

We found other NA friends and formed a linkshell - Brotherhood. It died, though, in response to some real life stuff occurring between the majority of the members. They were all co-workers and something happened at work. First Crasher (our White Mage) left and then the rest either in support of him or because the linkshell basically was dead. When the leader left the game, so did the pearls and the linkshell.

We miss Crasher and I hope every day, he'll return to the game and see some posting about him. Yeah, Crasher we did remember you and hope to play with you.

Oh, we were all on Caitsith. Ram and I are now on Ragnarok. We've been playing since 2004, with breaks but always kept our characters alive.

Please take care everyone!

If you are on Ragnarok, PLEASE, say hi to me! I really do enjoy FFXI friends and want more of them.

BTW, I created a Brotherhood character to honor our / my first LS. If you see him it either will be Ram or myself.


OK! :) I decided I should write about something more recent.

I'm a master Dragoon with the relic polearm weapon.

Also I mastered SAM and have both GK and bow relic weapons.

I mastered Black Mage (no special weapon).

I mastered Summoner (for now no special weapon, but I'd like get the Mythic one). Anyone on Ragnarok interested in working on the assault missions? I got to floor 100 and thus private 1st class, but floors don't help going up the ranks beyond private 1st class.

Working on GEO at 119 with all skills in the blue. Have about 166 JP (05/27/2017). Using my BLM gear, but do want to get the AF, AF2, and AF3 gear. Working towards the Idris (GEO weapon). Legend in all but one coalition, getting my H-P Baylds, etc.

Also working towards my Golden Shovel KI. Have the two bronze KI.

Really wanting to be the best player I can. If I can help you, please, ask. If you can help me, please, offer!

I'm sure there is a lot we both need.

As I always say: Final Fantasy XI is the never ending game! :))


Well, today, I earned the most number of Personal Evaluation UC points, ever. 1,020!

If you're not sure what I mean do:

Menu -> Status -> Unity -> Unity Info

Here is the screenshot! :)

I can't get the image button to work. On upload directly it says, invalid token. When I try to search using the file name of either Unity_Information_Display_PPE_of_1020.jpg or Unity Information Display PPE of 1020.jpg I get a list of (what looks to be every image on this WIKI).

Well the screenshot is at:

Well, such is life. If you figure out what I'm doing wrong or what the WIKI is doing wrong, please, let me know.

Unity Information Display PPE of 1020
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