Ivan's 100k/day Racing Chocobo Guide

Starting Off: Before the Egg

To raise a Top Tier Racing Chocobo, you'll need the following:

About 700k Gil (not all at once, but in total)
51 hours worth of Chocobuck Gathering (2,000 Chocobucks) (again, this can be done whenever)
About 5 minutes a day to check on and do things with your chocobo
2 Chococards (a Male and Female) of chocobos with the ability Canter, and prefered to be SS/S/C/C or SS STR and END at least)

Getting the Egg:

First off, DO NOT USE ANYTHING BUT A BREAD CHOCOBO EGG! Any ISNM or NPC bought egg is worthless for this because you need to start off your chocobo with Canter!

Take your chococards to Finbarr in jeuno, and choose either the Sports Plan if the Father's Stats are better, or the Jeuno Tour Plan if the Mother's are. If you couldn't find 2 chococards with canter, pick the Sports Plan if the Father has canter, or the Jeuno Tour Plan if the Mother has canter. Trade both chococards and the breeding plan to him, wait a day, receive your egg and move on to the next stage.

Day 1-4: The Egg Phase

Raise your chocobo in San D'Oria, the NPC is in the Chocobo Stables in Southern San D'Oria. No, you can't raise it anywhere else. I'll explain why later.

Now comes the first fun part of raising a chocobo...watching over the egg. Right now, the only thing you can do with your chocobo is watch over it, which you need to do a total of 130 times before your chocobo hatches, because that will cap it's affection when it hatches. The reason you need to cap affection is because the training plans have 'double their normal effect' if affection is capped, which is extremely important.

That's pretty much all you can do at this point, now just wait for your chick to hatch and hope for Canter...

Day 5-19: The Chick Phase

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