Ivan's 100k/day Racing Chocobo Guide

Starting Off: Before the Egg

To raise a Top Tier Racing Chocobo, you'll need the following:

About 700k Gil (not all at once, but in total) 51 hours worth of Chocobuck Gathering (2,000 Chocobucks) (again, this can be done whenever) About 5 minutes a day to check on and do things with your chocobo 2 Chococards (a Male and Female) of chocobos with the ability Canter, and prefered to be SS/S/C/C or SS STR and END at least)

Getting the Egg:

First off, DO NOT USE ANYTHING BUT A BREAD CHOCOBO EGG! Any ISNM or NPC bought egg is worthless.

Take your chococards to the NPC in jeuno,

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