Current Goal

  • Complete the Chocobo guide and edit it into an easy to follow guide.




Character: Ferine (Hume)

Server: Carbuncle

Main Job: Ranger

Bastok Mission: 10

Promathia Mission: Done

Treasures of Aht Urhgan Mission: Lost Kingdom

Craft Skills:

Summons Obtained:

Ferine Job Breakdown

Warrior 38
Monk 14
White Mage 10
Black Mage 10
Red Mage 10
Thief 20
Paladin 10
Dark Knight 10
Beastmaster 2
Bard 10
Ranger 75
Samurai 28
Ninja 73
Dragoon 10
Summoner 10
Blue Mage 18
Puppetmaster 11
Corsair 10
CANADA FLAG This user plays from Canada.
Male This user is male.
This user plays on the Carbuncle Server.
This user is a Hume.
Rngsmall This user is a level 75 Ranger.
Ninsmall This user is a level 73 Ninja.
Ffxi flg 01l This user is a Citizen of Bastok
Rank 10
This user has completed Zilart Mission 17.
This user has completed CoP Mission 8-4.
This user is a SP rank Mercenary of Aht Urhgan.
This user is a level 73 Alchemist.
This user is a level 70 Carpenter.
This user is a level 34 Blacksmith.
Clock This user has been playing FFXI for 2 Years.
Goblin Replica Small This user enjoys Dynamis.
Pearl ss This user is a proud member of the linkshell Prophecy Reborn.
Notebook This user's favorite FFXIclopedia article is Chocobo Raising Guide.
Despite his/her better judgment, this user has become addicted to Raising Chocobos.
Title This user's favorite Title is "Frozen Dead Body."
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