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Male This user is male.
USAFlag This user plays from the United States.
This user plays on the Ifrit Server.
PCimage2 This user plays mostly on a personal computer.
NinjaPirate In the Pirate or Ninja debate, this user prefers Ninja.
Bdaycakeicon This user's birthday is October 7, 1982.
Calendar This user has been playing FFXI since March 23, 2004.
Crystal kthememgr This user thinks others would like userboxes more if they were rare/ex
NPC This user's favorite NPC in all of Vana'diel is Ajido-Marujido.
NPC This user's favorite NPC in all of Vana'diel is Lion.
Title This user's favorite Title is "Heir of the Great Wind."
NMlogo This user's favorite Notorious Monster in all of Vana'diel is Ark Angel EV.
Vanadielworldmap This user's favorite area or region is Promyvion.
060609 1 This member is a Linkshell Community Beta user.
This Translator translates from
Poorly-Written English to English.
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