Supply Key Items/Regions

  • Gustaberg Supplies
  • Tavnazian Archipelago Supplies

Specified Blue Spells

Current skill of 273 (level 46) + Items = 303 + 29 = 332 (level 59 skill)

Abyssea Quests

Abyssea - Konschtat

Abyssea - Attohwa

Abyssea - Misareaux

Dropping the Bomb

Abyssea - Vunkerl

Abyssea - Grauberg


Levels 2/3 to be added later.

Artifact Quests

  • SAM AF
  • Thief AF

Other AF Jobs: MNK, RNG, DRG

  • RNG
  • DRG
  • MNK

Rundown list:

Weapon Quests

Need to level up H2H, Greatsword, Scythe, 1H Axe, Great Axe, Great Katana, Polearm, Archery, Marksmanship

  • Get enough WS Points on Nyzul weapons for: SCH, BRD, BLM, SMN, DRK, PLD
  • Collect Nyzul weapons for:
    • Monk, Thief, Beastmaster, Ranger

Job Emote Quests

Emote Trial Categories

By completing these trials you will have access to a new emote and upgraded armor. All trials require level 30 in their respective job.


Job Required Armor Trial Required Item Location
Monk Temple Torque Trial 4425 Dhalmel Saliva Item obtained.
Black Mage Wizard's Torque Trial 4427 Magicked Skull Gusgen Mines
Red Mage Warlock's Torque Trial 4428 Bloody Robe
Thief Rogue's Torque Trial 4429 Yuhtunga Sulfur
Beastmaster Beast Torque Trial 4432 Wild Rabbit Tail
Ranger Hunter's Torque Trial 4434 Seedspall Astrum X Meriphataud
Samurai Myochin Shusa Trial 4435 Crab Apron Valkurm
Ninja Ninja Shusa Trial 4436 Eastern Paper Sauromugue Champaign
Dragoon Drachen Torque Trial 4437 Damselfly Worm X
Summoner Evoker's Torque Trial 4438 Damp Envelope Tahrongi
Corsair Corsair's Torque Trial 4440 Counterfeit Gil X
Dancer Dancer's Torque Trial 4442 Torn Epistle
Scholar Scholar's Torque Trial 4443 Castle Floor Plans

Other Quests

Maat Cap Clearance

  • Done: Bard, BLM, RDM
  • To-do: WHM, PLD, NIN, WAR, SAM
  • Get testament for: MNK, SMN, RNG, THF, BST, DRG
  • Level up - MNK, SMN, RNG, DRK, THF, BST, SAM, DRG
  • Battle locations:

Balga's Dais -- MNK, WHM, SMN
Horlais Peak -- WAR, BLM, RNG
Qu'Bia Arena -- PLD, DRK, BRD
Waughroon Shrine -- RDM, THF, BST
Chamber of Oracles -- SAM, NIN, DRG

The Miraculous Dale LIST O'CRITTERS:

Lists of Stuff

Current Campaign List

Wing 4 > ???? 1 retry Activated Smokescreen II 1296xp 1080an Jugner (5/10/11) 00:23 1080an

Wing 4 > ???? 1 (F4/8-W4/13)
0324xp 0254an N. Gustaberg (BST) (4/11/11) 16:51
Two unsaved things - Crawl Nest and Pashhow.
1080xp 0724an Grauberg (4/21/11) 17:11 0978an
0202xp 0810an Stock and Awe 1 5s (4/21/11) 1788an
0120xp 0051an N. Gusta (BST) (4/22/11) 11:04 1839an
0216xp 0180an Rolanberry (4/22/11) 11:13 2019an
0756xp 0524an Grauberg (4/22/11) 11:23 2543an
1620xp 1172an Rolanberry (4/22/11) 11:43 3715an
2808xp 1663an N. Gusta (BST) (4/22/11) 12:14 5378an
0367xp 1176an Smokescreen II 5s (4/22/11) 12:15 6554an
2490xp 1039an Rolanberry (BST) (4/25/11) 15:11 6593an
0366xp 1172an Smokescreen II 5s (4/25/11) 15:13 7665an /
1512xp 1260an Grauberg (4/25/11) 15:45 8925an
0234xp 0819an Crimson Domino I 3s(4/25/11) 15:54 9744an /
0255xp 0817an Steel Resolve 2 5s (4/25/11) 16:12 10561an /
0432xp 0343an N. Gusta (BST) (4/29/11) 15:03 10904an

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