Male This user is male.
This user plays on the Midgardsormr Server.
USAFlag This user plays from the United States.
Xbox This user plays mostly on the Xbox 360.
Calendar This user has been playing FFXI since March 2004.
Notebook This user's favorite FFXIclopedia article is Slang.
NPC This user's favorite NPC in all of Vana'diel is Polink-Moink.
Toxic This user avoids Whitegate at all costs!
This Translator translates from
Chocobo to Gibberish.


Linkshell(s): VROutcasts
Adventuring Fellow: Mithra6


Job-top-whitemage Job-top-thief Job-top-beastmaster Job-top-redmage Wog dancer
WHM 75 THF 73 BST 68 RDM 62 DNC 60
Job-top-blackmage Job-top-paladin Job-top-ranger Job-top-bard Job-top-warrior
BLM 47 PLD 42 RNG 41 BRD 40 WAR 40
Job-top-darkknight Job-top-ninja Job-top-summoner Job-top-monk Job-top-samurai
DRK 40 NIN 37 SMN 37 MNK 12 SAM 10
Job-top-dragoon Puppetmaster Bluemage Corsair pic01 Scholar
DRG 10 PUP 10 BLU 10 COR 10 SCH 10

You Gotta Wuuuurk...

Ffxi flg 03l Ffxi flg 01l Ffxi flg 04l Ffxi flg 02l Tenshodoflagart1 AhtUrhganFlag Other Areas Outlands WoTG Crystal War
Rank 10 9 PSC
Fame 9 9 9 9 9
Current Mission 9-2 12 ZM14, CoP 7-5 3
Quests Completed 65 65 68 73 13 37 29 14
Maps Obtained 64


Ffxi gld 03 Ffxi gld 06 Ffxi gld 02 Ffxi gld 07 Ffxi gld 08 Ffxi gld 04 Ffxi gld 01 Ffxi gld 05 Ffxi gld 09
Cloth 87 Cook 60 Bone 60 Leather 51 Wood 29 Smith 29 Fish 28 Gold 10 Alchemy 5
Spinning Fletching Weaver's Apron Magnifying Spectacles

FFXIclopedia Mission

I'm slowly going through areas & taking pics of NPCs that don't have their picture up yet. I'll try to get a full-body & clear picture during the daytime without any PCs in the shot (I'm sure this'll be a challenge when I hit Jeuno). What's the reason for me doing this? I'm sure she's a good person, but I'm sick & tired of seeing Pikko in a damn shot! I apologize for the average quality of the pics I take, as I'm taking the pics on my PS2. I have this game for PC too, but the camera's all screwy when I try to play it on that, so I'm unable to fine-tune my angles. I even have the PS2-controller adapter but it still doesn't work, so what you gonna do... (when Hulk Hogan runs wild on you...) Also, I noticed a good majority of walkthroughs are from AK & some of them really suck Galkan Sausage with Tarutaru gravy spread all over, so I'll take it upon myself to edit them however I see fit.

Completed Areas:

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