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About Me+
  • Currently on Cerberus server, thanks to the server move.
  • Have resided in the past on Hades, Seraph, and Cait Sith.
  • You may have known me in-game as Kalisa, Eleri, or Shanyn.
  • Dancer main... if Cerberus's craptastic exp party environment ever lets me finish leveling it. Zero tanks and nothing but primadonna mages who won't join without dual bards or bard/corsair, even in their 50s and 60s? Lol. I only need you to cast haste and sit there scratching yourself. Gtfo. :| And it would be nice if SE would fix their MMM servers, which seem to go down due to capacity issues as soon as Japan wakes up.
  • Had delusions of Maat's Cap before I got thoroughly bored with the game and went to play WoW for two years. Now I'm bored with WoW and back to this. Meh. I've come to accept that I have a completionist mindset without the drive to actually complete anything. I don't care. I'm having fun. That's what games are for.
  • Eagerly awaiting FF14. Will not be playing a dedicated healer this time around, damn you all. I pay subscription fees too, I should get to have fun.
  • Completely, completely jaded with this wiki. It's become a user page only to me these days. Sometimes I go out of my way to help someone in a talk page, or sometimes I feel compelled to respond to stupid things on talk pages, but that's all. I was one of this place's early star editors, but I was treated extremely poorly over an argument my husband was having with another user on these terrible forums and have yet to receive an apology beyond "I guess we can unban you since you shouldn't have been banned to begin with." Not that I'm still waiting after three years! Regardless, I refuse to contribute anything else beyond the User or Talk namespaces until someone convinces me the admins here don't completely suck. :3
  • Totally tired of morons from the rest of wikia spamming my e-mail looking for my password because they think Eleri is their username. Ha.