New user: Drew5252

Main: Jobs Corsair 75 Paladin 75 Thief 75 Warrior 71 Ranger 59 Samurai 53 Various other jobs 42 and under

Mule: Jobs Black Mage 65 Summoner 61 White Mage 42 No other jobs this character

Main: Missions PM complete ZM complete ToAU Complete WoTG 1 ACP 11 AMd'A 1

Dynamis Beaucedine Access

Apocalypse Nigh Quest complete Divine Might Quest complete

Sand'Oria Rank 10 Bastok Rank 10 Windhurst Rank 10

Mule: Missions PM 7-5 Tenzen fight ZM5 Sand'Oria Rank 6 no other missions this character

Character 1 (main) crafts: Fishing 33, Cooking 61

Character 2 (mule) crafts: Smithing 80.6, Alchemy 60, Clothcraft 53, Goldsmithing 33, Bonecraft 15, Woodworking 18, Leathercraft 4

Crafting Goal: 1 character 100/60/60/60/60/60. I dont think i want to get more than 100 craft because it was hard enough to try get where i am in my craft. If crafting was easier, i would do goldmsithing, woodworking, cooking, and alchemy in addition to my smithing. Woodworking, alchemy, cooking have heavy amounts of expendables, making it ideal to try to hq for continual profits. :)

Notes about me: I have beaten: FF1(Origins, PS), FF2(Origins, PS), FF3(DS), FF4(Chronicles, PS), FF5(Anthology, PS), FF6(Anthology, PS), FF7(PC and PS), FF7-2(Dirge, PS2), FF8(PS), FF9(PS), FF10(PS2), FF10-2(PS2), most FF11(PC), FF12(PS2), FF12-2(DS) FF Tactics(PS), FF Tactics A2(DS)

I own but have not beaten: FF legends

I need to buy: FF13, FF13-2, FF13-3, FF7-3 Crisis Core, FF legends 2, FF legends 3

FF nut, once and forever.

--Drew5252 08:29, 9 April 2008 (UTC)

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