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I'm thinking about a revamp of the Salvage zone pages.

I don't really like the way they are laid out currently, and I have some ideas about how to do it better. I'm going to use this as a sandbox for seeing some of the ideas I have in action. Any suggestions feel free to post on the talk page for the respective subpage. You can see what I've got going so far over here.

Redesigned Bhaflau Remnants

Redesigned Arrapago Remnants

My projects

  • Link all Salvage Lv. 15, 25, and 35 pieces with their respective drop NMs.
    • Link to the drop enemies from the components pages.
    • Link to the components from the drop enemies pages.
  • Create enemy pages for all Salvage enemies.
  • Link all finished upgrade Salvage equipment to the "Used in quests" field of their upgrade components.

Questions I'd like to ask Square-Enix

  • Is it possible, today, for a player to obtain the item Vulcan's Ring? I don't necessarily need an answer about how, or even a hint about how, just a simple yes or no will do.
  • One of the most common complaints I hear about the game is how the graphics engine is dated and does not use hardware acceleration. Is there a plan to eventually allow the PC FFXI client to take advantage of a user's advanced graphics hardware?
  • Are there any plans in the near future to make any of the following changse in Salvage:
  • Most people feel like crafting is slowly dying, and some would argue that it's already dead. Also, aside from occasional new synthesis recipes, crafting has received no modifications or enhancements for years. Are there any plans to breathe life back into this system? Many people are bitter about the fact that they spent years, and millions of gil levelling up crafts that are by and large worthless now.

Assault Clears

Rank Leujoaom Mamool Lebros Ilrusi Periqia
PSC Check Check Check Check Check
PFC Check Check Check Check Check
SP Check Check Check Check Check
LC Check Check Check Check Check
C Check Check Check Check
S Check Check Check
SM Check Check Check Check Check
CS Check Check
SL Check
FL Check Check Check Check

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