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This is dibble's page. The boring details are in the box on the below.

PCimage2.jpg This user plays mostly on a personal computer.
Tea2.jpg This user plays from the UK.
This user plays on the Fenrir Server.
This user is a Tarutaru.

My Guides

I've written a couple of guides for the wiki. I'm not an expert on any of the topics but there was a gap in the market!


Blmsmall.jpg This user is a level 99 Black Mage.
Ninsmall.jpg This user is a level 99 Ninja.
Puppetmaster.jpg This user is a level 99 Puppetmaster.
Mnksmall.jpg This user is a level 91 Monk.

Black Mage Spell Checklist

White Mage Sub Spell Checklist

Bard Checklist

Summoner Avatar & Spirit Checklist

Automaton Attachment Checklist


Fire Attachments Ice Attachments Wind Attachments Earth Attachments
CheckCheck.gif Tension Spring CheckCheck.gif Loudspeaker CheckCheck.gif Accelerator CheckCheck.gif Armor Plate
CheckCheck.gif Tension Spring II CheckCheck.gif Loudspeaker II CheckCheck.gif Accelerator II CheckCheck.gif Armor Plate II
CheckCheck.gif Inhibitor CheckCheck.gif Mana Booster CheckCheck.gif Scope CheckCheck.gif Shock Absorber
CheckCheck.gif Strobe CheckCheck.gif Scanner CheckCheck.gif Pattern Reader CheckCheck.gif Analyzer
CheckCheck.gif Attuner CheckCheck.gif Tactical Processor CheckCheck.gif Drum Magazine CheckCheck.gif Equalizer
CheckCheck.gif Reactive Shield XEks.gif Tranquilizer CheckCheck.gif Turbo Charger CheckCheck.gif Schurzen
CheckCheck.gif Flame Holder CheckCheck.gif Ice Maker CheckCheck.gif Replicator CheckCheck.gif Hammermill
XEks.gif Heat Capacitor XEks.gif Power Cooler XEks.gif Barrage Turbine XEks.gif Barrier Module
Thunder Attachments Water Attachments Light Attachments Dark Attachments
CheckCheck.gif Stabilizer CheckCheck.gif Mana Jammer CheckCheck.gif Auto-Repair Kit CheckCheck.gif Mana Tank
CheckCheck.gif Stabilizer II CheckCheck.gif Mana Jammer II CheckCheck.gif Auto-Repair Kit II CheckCheck.gif Mana Tank II
CheckCheck.gif Volt Gun CheckCheck.gif Stealth Screen CheckCheck.gif Damage Gauge CheckCheck.gif Mana Conserver
CheckCheck.gif Heat Seeker CheckCheck.gif Heatsink CheckCheck.gif Flashbulb CheckCheck.gif Mana Converter
CheckCheck.gif Target Marker CheckCheck.gif Mana Channeler CheckCheck.gif Eraser CheckCheck.gif Smoke Screen
CheckCheck.gif Coiler CheckCheck.gif Steam Jacket XEks.gif Optic Fiber CheckCheck.gif Economizer
CheckCheck.gif Dynamo CheckCheck.gif Condenser XEks.gif Vivi-Valve XEks.gif Disruptor
XEks.gif Galvanizer XEks.gif Percolator


Trust Checklist

[CheckCheck.gif] Abenzio
[XEks.gif] Abquhbah
[CheckCheck.gif] Adelheid
[CheckCheck.gif] Ajido-Marujido
[CheckCheck.gif] Aldo
[CheckCheck.gif] Amchuchu
[XEks.gif] Arciela
[XEks.gif] Arciela II
[CheckCheck.gif] Areuhat
[XEks.gif] Ark Angel EV
[XEks.gif] Ark Angel GK
[XEks.gif] Ark Angel HM
[XEks.gif] Ark Angel MR
[XEks.gif] Ark Angel TT
[XEks.gif] August
[CheckCheck.gif] Ayame
[CheckCheck.gif] Babban
[XEks.gif] Balamor
[XEks.gif] Brygid
[XEks.gif] Chacharoon
[CheckCheck.gif] Cherukiki
[CheckCheck.gif] Cid
[CheckCheck.gif] Curilla
[CheckCheck.gif] D. Shantotto
[CheckCheck.gif] Darrcuiln
[CheckCheck.gif] Elivira
[CheckCheck.gif] Excenmille

[XEks.gif] Excenmille (S)
[CheckCheck.gif] Fablinix
[CheckCheck.gif] Ferreous Coffin
[XEks.gif] Gadalar
[CheckCheck.gif] Gessho
[CheckCheck.gif] Gilgamesh
[CheckCheck.gif] Halver
[XEks.gif] Ingrid
[XEks.gif] Ingrid II
[XEks.gif] Iroha
[XEks.gif] Iroha II
[CheckCheck.gif] Iron Eater
[CheckCheck.gif] Joachim
[CheckCheck.gif] Karaha-Baruha
[CheckCheck.gif] Kayeel-Payeel
[CheckCheck.gif] King of Hearts
[CheckCheck.gif] Klara
[CheckCheck.gif] Koru-Moru
[CheckCheck.gif] Kukki-Chebukki
[CheckCheck.gif] Kupipi
[CheckCheck.gif] Kupofried
[XEks.gif] Kuyin Hathdenna
[XEks.gif] Lehko Habhoka
[CheckCheck.gif] Leonoyne
[XEks.gif] Lhe Lhangavo
[CheckCheck.gif] Lhu Mhakaracca
[XEks.gif] Lilisette

[CheckCheck.gif] Lilisette II
[CheckCheck.gif] Lion
[CheckCheck.gif] Lion II
[XEks.gif] Luzaf
[XEks.gif] Maat
[CheckCheck.gif] Makki-Chebukki
[CheckCheck.gif] Margret
[CheckCheck.gif] Maximilian
[CheckCheck.gif] Mayakov
[CheckCheck.gif] Mihli Aliapoh
[XEks.gif] Mildaurion
[CheckCheck.gif] Mnejing
[CheckCheck.gif] Moogle
[XEks.gif] Monberaux
[CheckCheck.gif] Morimar
[CheckCheck.gif] Mumor
[CheckCheck.gif] Mumor II
[CheckCheck.gif] Naja Salaheem
[CheckCheck.gif] Najelith
[CheckCheck.gif] Naji
[CheckCheck.gif] Nanaa Mihgo
[CheckCheck.gif] Nashmeira
[CheckCheck.gif] Nashmeira II
[CheckCheck.gif] Noillurie
[CheckCheck.gif] Ovjang
[XEks.gif] Prishe
[CheckCheck.gif] Prishe II
[CheckCheck.gif] Qultada

[CheckCheck.gif] Rahal
[CheckCheck.gif] Rainemard
[CheckCheck.gif] Robel-Akbel
[XEks.gif] Romaa Mihgo
[XEks.gif] Rongelouts
[XEks.gif] Rosulatia
[CheckCheck.gif] Rughadjeen
[CheckCheck.gif] Sakura
[XEks.gif] Selh'teus
[CheckCheck.gif] Semih Lafihna
[CheckCheck.gif] Shantotto
[CheckCheck.gif] Shantotto II
[CheckCheck.gif] Shikaree Z
[CheckCheck.gif] Star Sibyl
[CheckCheck.gif] Tenzen
[CheckCheck.gif] Tenzen II
[CheckCheck.gif] Teodor
[CheckCheck.gif] Trion
[CheckCheck.gif] Uka Totlihn
[XEks.gif] Ullegore
[CheckCheck.gif] Ulmia
[CheckCheck.gif] Valaineral
[CheckCheck.gif] Volker
[XEks.gif] Ygnas
[CheckCheck.gif] Zazarg
[CheckCheck.gif] Zeid
[CheckCheck.gif] Zeid II


Wings of the Goddess Storyline Checklist

Mission/Quest Bastok San d'Oria Windurst
Mission 1 [Check.gif] Cavernous Maws
Mission 2 [Check.gif] Back to the Beginning
Quest [Check.gif] The Fighting Fourth [Eks.gif] Steamed Rams [Check.gif] Snake on the Plains
Quest [Check.gif] Better Part of Valor [Check.gif] Gifts of the Griffon [Check.gif] The Tigress Stirs
Quest [Check.gif] Fires of Discontent [Check.gif] Claws of the Griffon [Check.gif] The Tigress Strikes
Mission 3 [Check.gif] Cait Sith
Quest [Check.gif] Light in the Darkness [Check.gif] Boy and the Beast [Check.gif] Knot Quite There
Quest [Check.gif] Burden of Suspicion [Check.gif] Wrath of the Griffon [Check.gif] A Manifest Problem
Mission 4 [Check.gif] The Queen of the Dance
Mission 5 [Check.gif] While the Cat is Away
Mission 6 [Check.gif] A Timeswept Butterfly
Mission 7 [Check.gif] Purple, The New Black
Quest [Check.gif] Storm on the Horizon [Check.gif] Perils of the Griffon [Check.gif] When One Man Is Not Enough
Quest [Check.gif] Fire in the Hole [Check.gif] In a Haze of Glory [Check.gif] A Feast for Gnats
Mission 8 [Check.gif] In the Name of the Father
Mission 9 [Check.gif] Dancers in Distress
Mission 10 [Check.gif] Daughter of a Knight
Mission 11 [Check.gif] A Spoonful of Sugar
Mission 12 [Check.gif] Affairs of State
Mission 13 [Check.gif] Borne by the Wind
Mission 14 [Check.gif] A Nation on the Brink
Mission 15 [Check.gif] Crossroads of Time
Quest [Check.gif] Quelling the Storm [Eks.gif] The Price of Valor [Check.gif] The Fumbling Friar
Quest [Check.gif] Honor Under Fire [Eks.gif] Bonds That Never Die [Check.gif] The Forbidden Path
Mission 16 [Check.gif] Sandswept Memories
Mission 17 [Check.gif] Northland Exposure
Mission 18 [Check.gif] Traitor in the Midst
Mission 19 [Check.gif] Betrayal at Beaucedine
Mission 20 [Check.gif] On Thin Ice
Mission 21 [Check.gif] Proof of Valor
Mission 22 [Check.gif] A Sanguinary Prelude
Mission 23 [Check.gif] Dungeons and Dancers
Mission 24 [Check.gif] Distorter of Time
Mission 25 [Check.gif] The Will of the World
Mission 26 [Check.gif] Fate in Haze
Quest [Check.gif] Beneath the Mask [Eks.gif] Songbirds in a Snowstorm [Eks.gif] Sins of the Mothers
Quest [Check.gif] What Price Loyalty [Eks.gif] Blood of Heroes [Eks.gif] Howl from the Heavens
Mission 27 [Check.gif] The Scent of Battle
Mission 28 [Check.gif] Another World
Mission 29 [Check.gif] A Hawk in Repose
Mission 30 [Check.gif] The Battle of Xarcabard
Mission 31 [Check.gif] Prelude to a Storm
Mission 32 [Check.gif] Storm's Crescendo
Mission 33 [Check.gif] Into the Beast's Maw
Mission 34 [Check.gif] The Hunter Ensnared
Mission 35 [Check.gif] Flight of the Lion
Mission 36 [Check.gif] Fall of the Hawk
Mission 37 [Check.gif] Darkness Descends
Mission 38 [Check.gif] Adieu, Lilisette
Quest [Check.gif] The Truth Lies Hid [Eks.gif] Chasing Shadows [Eks.gif] Manifest Destiny
Quest [Check.gif] Bonds of Mythril [Eks.gif] Face of the Future [Eks.gif] At Journey's End
Mission 39 [Eks.gif] By the Fading Light
Mission 40 [Eks.gif] Edge of Existence
Mission 41 [Eks.gif] Her Memories
Mission 42 [Eks.gif] Forget Me Not
Mission 43 [Eks.gif] Pillar of Hope
Mission 44 [Eks.gif] Glimmer of Life
Mission 45 [Eks.gif] Time Slips Away
Mission 46 [Eks.gif] When Wills Collide
Mission 47 [Eks.gif] Whispers of Dawn
Mission 48 [Eks.gif] A Dreamy Interlude
Mission 49 [Eks.gif] Cait in the Woods
Mission 50 [Eks.gif] Fork in the Road
Mission 51 [Eks.gif] Maiden of the Dusk
Mission 52 [Eks.gif] Where It All Began
Mission 53 [Eks.gif] A Token of Troth
Mission 54 [Eks.gif] Lest We Forget

Crystal War Checklist

Bastok (S) San d'Oria (S) Windurst (S)


This is of no interest to anyone but me. I need to keep track of this stuff ^^

Map Checklist

Map Checklist w-All Areas
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