Account Retired

Looks like I'm done playing. I just don't have the time to be able to sink into FFXI anymore. It's been fun.

The name

Devious is a freudian typo.
Back in the older console RPGs you normaly had a team with no names and three or four characters. My normal choices were Fox, Cala(or Cal), and Def. So when I created my FFXI Character I tried Fox but it was taken at the time on Valefor(where I started long before Remora was online), the next normal name I tried to type was Defious(an extention of Def). After I was done and my character was running arround I noticed I cliped the v rather than the f key and at the time I though deleting the character would mean I'd lose the free month. So I figured I can allways change it at the end of the month, but it grew on me.

Devious's Backstory

He was a hume child of a White Mage that died while assisting both the beastmen and the Windurstants during thier seeming endless strugles. He was adopted by a Mithra that had been saved by the White Mage. Growing up as a Hume in Windurst with four sisters, he developed a affinity for fighting(mostly when his older sister beat him withen an inch of his life with a wooden sword. His adopted mother wanted him to follow in the White Mage's footsteps.
Sadly he was not the most adept at healing, during a test at class he miscast poisona destroied the target and poisoned the class.
Sighting his continued melee pratice with his sisters and nearly killing off of the Jr. Magic Users first years he was placed as an apprentice to one of the Red Mage teachers. Since the teacher would assign thier students names, he earned the name Devious from that mistake and his protests to stay in the White Mage program. When he came of age, his teacher and mother decided it would be best for Devious to be with his own kind, it may have had something to do with the occasional explosions.
So the teacher rented a Chocobo and took Devious to Bastok, the trip sparked Devious's affinity for Chocobos. He started his life as an adventure as a Red Mage.
Since then he has played as many of the adventure roles met many friends and lost many friends. He continues, mostly hideing from exp and living in Vana'diel.

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