USAFlag This user plays from the United States.
This user plays on the Carbuncle Server.

Whmsmall This user is a level 99 White Mage.
This user is Rank 10 in Windurst with Reputation level 9
This user is Rank 0 in San d'Oria with Reputation level 9
This user is Rank 0 in Bastok with Reputation level 9
This user has Reputation level 9 in Jeuno
This user has Reputation level 9 in Selbina/Rabao.
This user has Reputation level 7 with the Tenshodo in Norg
This user has Reputation level 9 in Kazham.
This character is currently on CoP Mission 8-4.
This character is currently on Aht Urhgan Mission 12.
This user is a PFC rank Mercenary of Aht Urhgan.
This user is a level 100+10 Chef.
This user is a level 29 Alchemist.
This user is a level 19 Carpenter.
This user is a level 2 Weaver.

HumeF2 This character's Adventuring Fellow Amerita is a level 44 Soothing Healer.
Wyvern012 This character's Wyvern is named Maggie.
Automaton This character's Automaton is named Serenade.
Summons This user has obtained 9 of the 13 Avatars.
Zonemap This character has collected 67 of the 107 available maps.
Daggericon This user has a Dagger skill of level 97.
Swordicon This user has a Sword skill of level 113.
Katanaicon This user has a Katana skill of level 114.
Clubicon This user has a Club skill of level 258.
Axeicon This user has an Axe skill of level 85.
Stafficon This user has a Staff skill of level 181.
Scytheicon This user has a Scythe skill of level 83.


Demanti's Jobs

Demanti's NPC

NPC Name--- NPC's Level and Job--- Weapon Stage and Type--- Last Completed Quest/Mission
Amerita Lv 44 Soothing Healer Lv 5 Club + Shield Mirror Images

Demanti's Goals

Spells, Songs, Ninjitsu Checklists
Job related Quests

Cooking 100 Synergy 80


Quests and Missions

The Three Nations



San d'Oria


Bastok Quests

San d'Oria Quests

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Jeuno Quests

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Outlands Quests

Rise of the Zilart

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Chains of Promathia

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Treasures of Aht Urhgan

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Rank Leujaoam Sanctum Mamool Ja Training Grounds Lebros Cavern Periqia Ilrusi Atoll
PSC XEks Leujaoam Cleansing XEks Imperial Agent Rescue XEks Excavation Duty XEks Seagull Grounded XEks Golden Salvage
PFC XEks Orichalcum Survey XEks Preemptive Strike XEks Lebros Supplies XEks Requiem XEks Lamia No.13
SP XEks Escort Professor Chanoix XEks Sagelord Elimination XEks Troll Fugitives XEks Saving Private Ryaaf XEks Extermination
LC XEks Shanarha Grass Conservation XEks Breaking Morale XEks Evade and Escape XEks Shooting Down the Baron XEks Demolition Duty
C XEks Counting Sheep XEks The Double Agent XEks Siegemaster Assassination XEks Building Bridges XEks Searat Salvation
S XEks Supplies Recovery XEks Imperial Treasure Retrieval XEks Apkallu Breeding XEks Stop the Bloodshed XEks Apkallu Seizure
SM XEks Azure Experiments XEks Blitzkrieg XEks Wamoura Farm Raid XEks Defuse the Threat XEks Lost and Found
CS XEks Imperial Code XEks Marids in the Mist XEks Egg Conservation XEks Operation: Snake Eyes XEks Deserter
SL XEks Red Versus Blue XEks Azure Ailments XEks Operation: Black Pearl XEks Wake the Puppet XEks Desperately Seeking Cephalopods
FL XEks Bloody Rondo XEks The Susanoo Shuffle XEks Better Than One XEks The Price is Right XEks Bellerophon's Bliss

Wings of the Goddess

Wings of the Goddess Missions