CANADA FLAG This user plays from Canada.
Male This user is male.
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This user plays on the Bahamut Server.
This character is a Hume.
This character is a Citizen of Windurst
NMlogo This user enjoys hunting Notorious Monsters.

Davianxi's Goals
Bluemage This character is a level 75 Blue Mage.
Drksmall This character is a level 75 Dark Knight.
DNCJOBPAGE This character is a level 37 Dancer.
Ninsmall This character is a level 37 Ninja.
Job st img01 This character is a level 37 Warrior.
Thfsmall This character is a level 15 Thief.

M6a This character's Adventuring Fellow Khuma Tagyawhan is a level 50 Healer.
This character is a level 100 Chef.
This character is a level 100 Fisherman.
This character is a level 60 Weaver.
This character is a level 60 Boneworker.
This character is a level 10 Carpenter.
This character is a level 10 Blacksmith.
This character is a level 10 Goldsmith.
This character is a level 10 Tanner.
This character is a level 10 Alchemist.
DarkMagic This user has a Dark Magic skill of level 285.
ElementalMagic This user has an Elemental Magic skill of level 256.
EnfeeblingMagic This user has an Enfeebling Magic skill of level 241.
Swordicon This user has a Sword skill of level 285.
Greatswordicon This user has a Great Sword skill of level 277.
Scytheicon This user has a Scythe skill of level 276.
Katanaicon This user has a Katana skill of level 269.
Daggericon This user has a Dagger skill of level 250.
This character has completed the Rise of the Zilart Missions and chose the Abyssal Earring from the Divine Might Quest.
This character has completed the Chains of Promathia Missions and chose the Rajas Ring.
This user has completed Apocalypse Nigh and chose the Ethereal Earring.
This character has completed the Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions and chose the Ulthalam's Ring.

General Merit Points Plan
Max HP 8
Critical Hit Rate 4
Enemy Critical Hit Rate 4
Evasion Skill 4
Parrying Skill 4
Enfeebling Magic Skill 8
Dark Magic Skill 8
Sword Skill 8
Greatsword Skill 4

I Enjoy Hunting Notorious Monsters

I will be using Notorious Monsters: Level Guide for my list of normal Notorious Monsters that I will be hunting. Below, I have my own list of greater Notorious Monsters in the general order that I will be hunting, and the reward that I wish to obtain from each of them.

Notorious Monster Reward Check
Leaping Lizzy Bounding Boots Check
Bloodpool Vorax Bloodbead Amulet Check
Warchief Vatgit Title: Warchief Wrecker Check
Dark Dragon Title: Dark Dragon Slayer Check
Stray Mary Title: Mary's Guide .
Bloodtear Baldurf Title: The Hornsplitter .
Morbolger Title: Morbolbane .
Roc Title: Roc Star .
Simurgh Title: Simurgh Poacher .
Cactrot Rapido Title: Cactrot Desacelerador .
Count Bifrons Title: Hellsbane .
King Vinegarroon Title: Vinegar Evaporator .
Goliath Title: Goliath Killer .
Capricious Cassie Title: Cassienova .
Skewer Sam Title: Beakbender .
Serket Title: Serket Breaker .
Cemetery Cherry Title: Mon Cherry .
Ash Dragon Title: Dragon Asher .
Voluptuous Vivian Title: The Vivsector .
Xolotl Title: Xolotl Xtrapolator .
Boroka Title: Boroka Beleaguerer .
Taisaijin Title: Bye-Bye, Taisai .
All Delkfutt's Tower Gigas NMs Title: Giant Killer Exclamation 0/?
Tzee Xicu the Manifest x5 Title: Manifest Mauler Exclamation 0
Overlord Bakgodek x5 Title: Overlord Executioner Exclamation 0
Za'Dha Adamantking x5 Title: Adamantking Killer Exclamation 0
Maat x2 Title: Maat Masher 0
Satiator Remnant of a Satiator .
Coveter Remnant of a Coveter .
Cerebrator Remnant of a Cerebrator .
Provoker Recollection of Anxiety .
Wailer Recollection of Animosity .
Deviator Recollection of Suffering .
Adamantoise Title: Tortoise Torturer .
Aspidochelone Title: Aspidochelone Sinker .
Behemoth Title: Behemoth's Bane .
King Behemoth Title: Behemoth Dethroner .
Fafnir Title: Fafnir Slayer .
Nidhogg Title: Nidhogg Slayer .
Olla Grande Winterstone .
Zipacna Gem of the North .
Genbu Seal of Genbu .
Mother Globe Springstone .
Steam Cleaner Gem of the East .
Seiryu Seal of Seiryu .
Faust Summerstone .
Brigandish Blade Gem of the South .
Suzaku Seal of Suzaku .
Ullikummi Autumnstone .
Despot Gem of the West .
Byakko Seal of Byakko .
Kirin Title: Kirin Captivator .
Dynamis Lord Shadow Mantle .
Ix'aern (Dark Knight) Deed of Moderation .
Ix'aern (Monk) Deed of Placidity .
Ix'aern (Dragoon) Deed of Sensibility .
Jailer of Temperance First Virtue .
Jailer of Fortitude Second Virtue .
Jailer of Faith Third Virtue .
Jailer of Justice Fourth Virtue .
Jailer of Hope Fifth Virtue .
Jailer of Prudence Sixth Virtue .
Jailer of Love .
Absolute Virtue Sin of Indignation .
Jormungand Title: World Serpent Slayer .
Tiamat Title: Tiamat Trouncer .
Vrtra Title: Vrtra Vanquisher .
Ouryu Title: Ouryu Overwhelmer .
Bahamut Title: Wyrm Astonisher .
Odin Hofud .
Long-Armed Chariot Title: Moon Charioteer .
Battleclad Chariot Title: Star Charioteer .
Long-Bowed Chariot Title: Comet Charioteer .
Armored Chariot Title: Sun Charioteer .
Gulool Ja Ja Title: Shining Scale Rifler .
Hydra Title: Hydra Headhunter .
Gurfurlur the Menacing Title: Troll Subjugator .
Cerberus Title: Cerberus Muzzler .
Medusa Title: Gorgonstone Sunderer .
Khimaira Title: Khimaira Carver .
Pandemonium Warden .

Creating a Pankration Monster Userbox Template

[[Image:{{{1}}}|43x43px]] This character has a Pankration Monster, {{{2}}}, which is {{{3}}}.
  1. Image - can be obtain from anywhere in FFXIclopedia.
  2. Name
  3. Description

How it looks

{Pankration Pet | Tiger.jpg | Dark Beast | a DRK/WAR Tiger}

Tiger This character has a Pankration Monster, Dark Beast, which is a DRK/WAR Tiger.

{Pankration Pet | Dragon.jpg | Kraftvoller Impitoyable | hungery}

Dragon This character has a Pankration Monster, Kraftvoller Impitoyable, which is hungery.

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