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An Elvaan Living in San d'Oria, he stands by San d'Oria Law firmly and is highly disiplined, despite this he prefers a choatic lifestyle on the battle field, =begging with letting himself be absorbed by the Chaos of a Dark Knight and is currently supporting the Seagull Phatire oppose Al Zahbi. As well as opposing Al Zahbi he also opposes the Republic of Bastok however no one is quite certain why. Daveie has recently been shooting many Bards on sight due to a competiton with his friend Ahrim.



Dave also enjoys to visit new places and take screenshots of his travels, he can still rember the first time he left his training from the safety within the walls of San d'Oria to see a huge Toro at the gates, and always has a camera on him in case something special happens or he finds a new location, one of his favorite places he enjoys is Lufaise Meadows due to its relaxing enviroment and it relation to the histoy of his culture. He also was disappointed to hear that the Vana'diel Tribune was discontinued as he one day hoped to work with it as a professional photographer in his retirement. His Dream of taking pictures has recently been achieved due to the release of Pankration in which he enjoys taking pitcures then selling them off to other vendors

The Dracoda

Dave, with the aid of Ahrim & Dragontjp also owns an linkshell called dracoda It was made to help people keep in contact in various statics that were planned however only 1 static remained running for a while until it too stopped, so Dracoda fell into a social shell whose most decicated memnbers gather together to try to help Vana'diel survive ranging from Garrisons to missions especially those involved in Chain's Of Promitha

CoP Quest (Needs Updating)

One of Daveie's pastime is investagating the story behind the empty and the Nation of Tavnazian, due to finding the lost Nation after investagation in the third crag, He recently enjoyed traveling through the Phomiuna Aqueducts fighting off against the formers, The Minotaur and his two children. After witnessing Nag l'amoda stealing an ancient treasure he then heard reports of an Incident on Cape Riverne during his investigation he ran into the Wyrmking Bahumut conversing with Nag l'amoda when Bahumut was magically chained by Nag l'amoda's organization, after aiding Prishe distracting the Mammet 19-Epsilons Bahamut escaped screamed and next thing he knew he was in Bastok wanted by the Duchy and in exchange for freedom to seek out the remenants of the Xarcarbad explores. Upon arriving in San d'Oria he spotted Ulmia heading for the church, after following her he noticed a difference in religions the San d'Orians wanted to open the "gates of paradise" the Tavnazian however wanted to leave the gates closed so as not to make the gods mad, After learning that the explorer from San d'Oria now lived in Jugner forest, Daveie made a desperate run for the barge getting on it mere moments before it left. After finding the butler of the house and defeating the overgrown ivy defense he came across Sir Louverance who informed Daveie of all he could, he then seeked out Yoran-Oran in windurst however he soon discovered the Chebukkis had the place in an up-roar over trying to find their lost father, learning the best way to sort this problem was collecting a mimeo feather from Attowha chasm, after spending ages on rather narrow paths he finally reached the top of the mountain to claim his feather. Upon Return to Jeuno it was discovered Prishe had been attacked, chasing the Claim to Pso'xja he encountered Diablos one of the terrestial avatars, eventually he bested the avatar and awoke prishe from her slumber. At Prishe's request he returned to Tavnazian and proceeded to meet with Bahumut, upon arrival Bahumut sent Ouryu (one of his minions) to attempt to defeat Daveie and his party, after a simple battle Ouryu retreated and Tenzen's Phoenix blade sang the 3rd verse of the Memorta la stona.


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